Sexual objectification and why it makes me hot under the collar…

I am drawn to this like a moth to a flame.


Because I think it has roots in why I submit, serve… It’s the ultimate in giving yourself up for whatever pleasures your partner requests or wants from your body to achieve their own sexual release.

And that, my dear friends, is hotter than anything for me. To be told that I’m just going to be the toy. A means to an end.

I think what set it off for me was once waking up to my ex boyfriend coming on my back. He had been using my sleeping body as wanking fodder. I can’t quite explain how sexually arousing, empowering and at the same time it brought out my submissive side. And it wasn’t even a kinky relationship!

What brought on this writing? Well that would be AMD’s fault for waking me up at about four am by pinching my nipples, groping my body and generally feeling me up. He doesn’t remember it (must have been a good dream eh? 😉 but I woke up with wet thighs and the urge to write about how hot it is when one is used as a vessel for someone elses kinks, pleasures or just for their own sexual release.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get tied up, put in a corner and brought out for play when he wondered past and wanted a fiddle??Or to be told to crawl over and suck his cock because he feels like having your mouth suckling him. Or to be told to lie down and masturbate, but not come while he watches and brings himself to orgasm. A means to an end. Hmmhmmm.

I think what I love most about it is that you don’t need any extra toys for this exercise unless he feels like it. For me this is where mental bondage would be totally hot making. To be told to assume a position and hold it like you were bound. Or to not make a sound because really, it’s not about getting you off at the end of the day is it? And mental bondage is hot in it’s own right really and a totally other topic.

For me it’s about being with someone who doesn’t just like me for my personality but can show me he likes me because my body makes him hard. For me, sexual objectification is with and for my partner. It’s about allowing him to be primal, take what he wants and being able to trust that even if he breaks me he will put me back together again at the end. I guess it’s not about random hook ups or lending me out, I wouldn’t deal with that. It’s about the mental and intimate connection I have with him and only him.

I guess I just wanted to make a note to remind myself that this is one of the small pleasures that make me tick.

Waking up with bruised thighs and feeling like you’ve been used and abused well. It makes me glow from the inside.


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