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Dance for me.

There’s a soft knock at the door which causes her insides to flutter. She dashes to the mirror to do a final touch up on her bright red lipstick and slips into the red stiletto’s that match her see through red teddy. She takes a deep breath at the door and opens it.

He’s standing there; she looks deep into his eyes and then quickly looks down letting her hair frame her face as she holds her breath.

His presence always takes her breath away and the smell of him that wafted over her as she opened the door makes her knees weak every time.

He takes a step inside without saying a word to her and closes the door behind himself.

She trembles and sinks to her knees, taking in deep breaths in the hopes of getting another wave of his scent and trembles.

He grabs her by the hair and drags her into the living room, throwing her on the floor before sitting in the single arm chair and looking at her as she gathers herself up and kneels once again. Waiting and wondering how the night will unfold now.

She can feel his eyes on her before she hears his voice rumble. “Tonight, my pet, you are going to entertain me first.” This brings a smile to her lips, and she touches her tongue to her top lip thinking of what kind of entertainment he means before he interrupts her thought with “You will put on a little show for me first. Get me in a mood where I can decide what I feel like tonight.”

She nods her understanding and stands up, facing her back towards him before bending over at the waist to grab her left ankle with her left hand and using her right hand to start trailing her fingers softly up the back of her left leg. As her fingers run over her thighs she stops to grab a handful before letting her fingers trail further up to where the red teddy has half covered her ass. She slides her hand up under the teddy from between her legs and trails them down her ass and cunt before stopping so her fingers are nestled just above her slit. She lets one finger slide in before slowly pulling it out again and trailing her fingers back down the back of her thigh and calf so that she can roll the finger with her juices all over it along her lips before taking it into her mouth to suck it softly. As her eyes lock with his she notices that he’s cock has started straining against his pants and she whimpers softly, wanting it but knowing she can’t have it yet. The show must go on.

Straightening up slowly she starts to dance to the music in her head. Deep, dark and dirty making her sway her hips slowly, grinding as she trails a hand down each thigh as she squats into a half sitting position and moves her hands up her thighs to cup her ass cheeks before letting them trail back down her thighs as straights up and spins slowly letting her hands graze over her body, cupping her breasts and pinching the nipples while walking towards him with a grin on her face knowing how much he’s enjoying his show from the gleam in his eyes.

As she stands in front of him she leans down cupping her breasts which start to spill out from the top of the red teddy and whispers in his ear “I hope the show’s working for you because I’m so wet right now that any moment my juices are going to start leaking down my thighs” the grunt she receives from him is all the approval she needs before she turns around and swings her hips slowly down into his lap to grind against his straining cock inside his pants at the same time letting her hand trail between her legs as she cups his cock through the fabric.

He pushes her away saying “I never gave you permission to touch that, get on the floor; legs spread and masturbate for me. I want to see it all” – blushing softly she gets on the floor just beyond his feet, turning over so that she’s on her back, with her legs spread and her cunt opening as she’s already so wet and the red teddy already falling above her hips. She trails her fingers down her chest with her right hand to slowly work a finger up and down her slit, stopping to rub her clitoris once, twice before moving her fingers back down to dip inside. Letting her left hand cup a breast as she squeezes it slightly and pinches at the nipple every time her fingers rub against her clit. Her breathing starts to come in shallow gasps as she lets her eyes lock onto his which are watching her right hand start to move a bit quicker as her orgasm starts to build. She lets a deep moan escape when she softly pulls at her hood ring before rubbing her clit a bit more fiercely and then moving her fingers to slide back inside. As her body tenses up and her eyes drift shut, her fingers moving more rapidly in and out of her cunt and she moans more deeply he says “Stop. Get on your hands and knees and come over here.”

She whimpers pulling her fingers out of her cunt as her body trembles on the verge of an orgasm, her breath coming in deep harsh pants she crawls over to him on her hands and knees and sits back on her heels at his feet, noticing that he’d undone his fly and his cock was now wet with pre-cum. She licks her lips in anticipation.

“Lick my cock, my little toy, while I try to figure out what I want from you next”, she eagerly gets up on her knees and places her hands on his thighs, moving her fingers slowly up and down the inside of them as she gently laps at the tip of his cock. Rolling her tongue around the tip before letting her lips softly graze at the head before letting her mouth fall open so that her breath blows over the tip slowly. She then lets her tongue dart out to wrap around the tip to draw his cock into her mouth slowly. Holding just the tip in her mouth she lets her tongue roll around it several times before sucking his whole length into her mouth and then slowly letting him slide back out again till the tip of his cock rests on her lips. She tilts her head slightly so she can trail soft kisses down his shaft, darting her tongue out to wrap around it every now and then before trailing soft kisses back up the shaft to the tip and taking him back into her mouth to suckle at him gently. He groans deeply as she feels his fist knot into her hair as he forces all of his cock into her mouth and down the back of her throat causing her to gag before swallowing him further into her throat. His hand is now setting the pace of her mouth, he moves her head up and down his shaft alternating between slowly and quickly. With every second face fuck he pushes her head so that her nose is pressed up against his hips, making her choke. For every time she chokes he holds her there before lifting her head up and tilting her head back to watch her eyes water and stream as he grins. “I love it when you cry and suck my cock at the same time” she shudders and licks her lips, her cunt aching to be played with while he fucks her face.

“May I please play with myself while I suck your cock?” she says, his reply is a short and sharp “No.”

He stands up, his fist still knotted in her hair and drags her to the dinner table, bending her over it as he gets in behind her. She can feel the tip of his cock brushing against her slit as she holds her breath. He slams his cock into her without warning and bends over to put his free hand over her mouth as he starts to fuck her at his own pace. Slowly he slides his cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. He whispers in her ear “put your hands behind your back and don’t move them, I’d remove my hand from your mouth but at the moment I don’t want to hear your voice, this is about me and taking my own pleasure from your body”. She pants through her nose, as her head is forced back as his fist uses her hair as his gripping point to slam into her harder. Her eyes start to tear up from the pain, yet even with his hand over her mouth her body starts to tremble under his and she whimpers softly.

He stops and pulls out of her and says “I thought I mentioned I didn’t want to hear your voice, go lie down on the bed, take that teddy off and put your hands above your head. You won’t be needing them.” He walks into the kitchen as she slowly walks to the bedroom as her legs are still shaking softly after his onslaught.

She takes the teddy off and puts it on the chair in the corner before lying down on the bed, with her hands above her head clasped together. He walks back into the room and grins at her “oh such a lovely sight, I’ll have you begging me by the end of this”. She groans at his words and remains motionless on the bed. He takes his clothes off before settling between her legs and slipping an ice cube up her cunt as she gasps from the cold of it and whimpers softly, oh how she hates those ice cubes. He laughs and says “I thought I’d make things interesting for myself” before he climbs on top of her and slams his cock deep inside her, her body arches to meet his before he stops as he looks into her glazed eyes. “Just to make myself clear, I hear your voice I stop and another ice cube goes in” She nods her head, letting him know she understands.

This time he keeps up a slow rhythm. Her hips rocking up to meet his eagerly with his every stroke as her hands tighten into fists above her head and her breathing gets faster. She bites down on her lower lip to stop from making a sound, he chuckles and increases the pace of his thrusts from soft to hard making her body jerk and a soft moan escapes from her involuntarily. He laughs stopping and pulls out, putting another ice cube inside her before he slams his cock deep into her cunt again. He wraps his fist in her hair, exposing her throat as he slams harder and faster. She whimpers out “please can I touch you, I really want to touch you” as her body starts to shake under his and he clamps a hand over her mouth. She tries to shake her head under his hand, wanting him to move it, if only she could ask. His eyes gleam and he grins, his breath coming harder as he fucks her still and says “Tut, my sweet thing, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to hear you beg. Instead you wait. Wait until I say you can come.” A single tear rolls out from the corner of her eye as she strains against his fist in her hair and his other hand over her mouth. She feels the orgasm building rapidly as her body starts to shake harder, he matches his thrusts to his own orgasm, making her thighs ache from his repeatedly hard thrusting. He whispers in her ear as his breathing becomes even heavier still “Move those hands, cup your breasts and pinch your nipples hard. I’m going to come very soon and I want you clamped around me when that happens.”

She moves her hands so that she has her breasts cupped and pinches her nipples as she slams into her faster. Her breathing becomes labored and her hips buck up to meet his every thrust with her whole body shaking, waiting…

“Now” he says and she pinches her nipples hard as her orgasm rips through her, her body arches and she lets out a muffled scream behind his hand. Her orgasm causing her cunt to clamp around his cock as she feels him coming deep inside her. She keeps her muscles clenched around him, relaxing and clenching again and again as his thrusts slow. He lets his body drop on top of hers before kissing the side of her neck as he lets his hands relax from over her mouth and hair, listening to her soft moans as her body still trembles beneath him.

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