Getting jiggy with it…

Last week whilst visiting my sister and having a loud conversation over the screaming baby we came to the decision that she was going to be my “motivator” to get me out of the house and to the gym. It’s winter, my “yes to exercise” thoughts have gone hiding behind the couch with jebus and my cat… and possibly some dust balls.

Not sure this was possibly the best idea – considering she’s getting barely any sleep due to sprogglette and seems to now think it’s her mission not to accept a no from me.

I got a message yesterday asking me if I was on my way to the gym. She got a reply along the lines of “Sod off. I’m bleeding out. Am at home from work with hot water bottles and high on pain killers.” She gave me grace. However it seems like tonight’s Zumba class is a go. I figure it might help with the pain. Right? I haven’t yet received my motivational “Get your ass out of the house and to the gym” message as yet. It is inevitable. Like the dark clouds hanging low in the sky today.

It’s raining. It’s cold. And Zumba is at 7.30. Which means that I get a nice 2 1/2 hours at home before having to leave it again. How do people do that? Go home from work and then leave again?

I’m going to also have to get some sushi on the way home as dinner. I hope it stops raining by 7.30.

The point of this post? The start to my wonderfully energetic and getting back into shape week is a total fail. Well, unless you count starting it from Thursday instead of Monday night like originally planned.

In my defence, I did walk 4 km on Tuesday in 45 minutes.

This also means that I’m due at Jivmukti yoga on Saturday morning at 8am and Zumba on Sunday morning at 9.30 to make up for lost time.

Oh sky gods, play nice and don’t let it rain!! So I thought I should just blog about this because in a few months, I hope I can come back to this and be glad that even though every atom of my being doesn’t want to, I’m going to do it anyway and I can say “yay me” for not copping out.

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