Wrong date night!

So last night I thought I was meant to be at IMAX to see a special preview of a movie that hasn’t been released yet.

We got there and then were told that it was next week. No, I says, that surely can’t be true. My email says that it’s on Wednesday. On closer inspection it says the 28th of August, Wednesday. Oh that’s NEXT WEEK?! OOhh hahahaha er right. I knew that.

We decided to watch Elyisum while we were there… Matt Damon, robotic shit and space, how bad could it be right? Ughghghghhhhh!

After paying $60 for 2 tickets to see this stupid ass movie I was sorely disappointed. Sure I knew there were pretty scenes and effects…

However how far does the pretty take you after forking out a small fortune? Nowhere matey! Nowheeeere!

I left this movie feeling really bloody confused.

There were exploding men (if you are into that) there was the amazingly pretty skin tattooing going down – this was not enough to appease me however. But the story line just didn’t add up. It doesn’t add up, no matter which way you look at this the movie doesn’t make bloody sense!

So there are the haves and the have nots. However one begs to ask how does this all work? The rich just soak it up in outer space, without a bubble to shelter their housing – how do they oxygenate the inside without it filtering out into space??  From what do these rich folk make their money from exactly if Earth’s space and resources have been depleted? How can they keep churning out the machines without any resources? And if they are all living up there, then how do they make their money if Earth is such a shithole? If everyone becomes a citizen by the end then does that mean they all have free access to the rich and powerful’s homes? Do they stay on earth? Do the mother and daughter get deported back again? If all it took was a few machines then why wasn’t this done in the first place? So many questions and a stupid ending.

The bad guy did however make my skin crawl in a horrible way. He played his part exceedingly. I honestly had that sick feeling in my gut every time he turned to the woman.

Best go to see this without any story expectation. Don’t try to understand it. Just look at the pretty and go oooh.

And for petes sake, don’t pay anything to see it!

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