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My life has been waylaid by rope…

Not that I am complaining… I really am not. My calluses on my fingers are loving every bleeding minute of it!

It’s just that the Sydney Rope Festival is on this weekend. We had international guests start to arrive on Saturday. With a whirlwind cleaning bee assembled, we polished, cleaned, sparkled various parts of the house/rope dojo to prepare for more cleaning and clearing. I might have gotten distracted from cleaning by my rope at one point however…

Self Suspension
Self suspension with my wifey’s self suspension ring showing between my ropes… We love hanging around together =)

Saturday also saw me add some new rope to my ever growing rope bundle… look there.. the red. How sexy is it with my purple? I’m going to start mixing them up when I tie up people because it’s so pretty.


So due to lots of rope invading my life for just over a week I probably won’t have time to update here much. Or check in. I might however upload some pictures…

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