Vertigo – The land of the wobbly

This has been my life. For the last week and a half. The world has gone all pear shaped and when I try to walk forwards I end up going backwards. My brain keeps screaming at my body to turn right and I go left and walk into a wall.

The land of vertigo is really not that entertaining.

I thought it was funny as hell in the beginning. I mean, I’ve never had such a loss of control of my body motor function before. Well. I have, but usually I was:

a) drunk
b) high
c) a mixture of the above two

Spending the week at home has left me penniless and my head still spinning if I do anything to drastic. Like bend over.

So much for my play date this Friday – there would have been a lot of bending over, however I don’t think D would have been happy with bending me over to smack my ass only to find I’d passed out over his knee.

I sit and wait patiently for the bloody thing to go away so that I may at least go for a bicycle ride, or run… or swim. Or anything that doesn’t involve me falling over or crawling around the house because I can’t walk.

And this also means there’s been a lack of updates on here.

Soon as my world stops spinning madly I’ll be back.


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