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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Awwwwwwww, nom was given by the lovely and sparkly Rosie – so I thought I would hop on this bandwagon and ride it like a cowgirl.

Minus the single tail cracking and howling. I tried one of those mechanical bull riding machines once. I face planted. Totally lady-like leg splayed drunken laughter. By me. I have no idea what the people watching thought about my dress being over my head with my legs flapping around like that. Thank gawd it was one of those rare nights I remembered underwear.


However, now that I go and look at this award business, there are some rules that need to be followed or there will be a spankening:

Apparently I need to answer 10 questions about myself – oh dear. This can’t be good… Here goes nothing.

1. Your favourite colour? Um. Purple? Blue? Red? Black? White? Depends on the cycle of the moon, my ovaries, the tides, possibly whoever I’m fucking currently and possibly the howling of my cat.

2. Your favourite animal? Eh. Shit. Right, no I know. That’s not really an animal. Let’s go witttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhh.. uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm kelp? Koala’s? Drop bears? Box jelly fish! Oh fuck, I know!! BRUCEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Or let’s go with a penguin. Or a seal. How about polar bears? Baby pandas?

3. Favourite non alcohol drink? Oh this is easy, that would be either soda water with a splash of juice or a margarita. Don’t look at me like that, margarita’s don’t have alcohol.

4. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook – at least I can stalk in freedom. The twitter tagging shit makes me go cross eyed and wanting to stab the nearest squishy thing with a blunt fork.

5. Your favourite pattern? Fractals? The acid trip without the acid makes me happy. Honest.

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving actually, because I get stupidly overexcited about how I think the other person is going to react that I might go a bit insane and bounce while they open their gifts.

7. Your favourite number? This is a stupid question, all the numbers are pretty important. I mean how doth one choose a favourite? None of them are yet to give me a damn good seeing to.

8. Your favourite day of the week? Friday or Saturday. Because there’s no work the next day! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

9. Your favourite flower? I’m such an inconsistent bitch sometimes. Um possibly gerbera’s… or sunflowers. Lilies are also very pretty, however they may kill my cat so if you buy me any don’t be surprised if I smack you with them. Oh and roses with thorns still attached. You’ll never guess why.

10. What is your passion? Masturbating? My friends? Gaming? Running? Eating!!! Oh wait, animated movies. Comic books. Reading. Talking to strange people. Pretending that I’m a tourist in Sydney and getting lost for a day. Walking past someone who smells divine, turning on my heel and following them for a bit while I breath deeply of their awesome scent.

And with that I’m need to nominate 10 – 12 blogs that I find awesome written by some of my favourite females.

1. Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy.

2. Not so desperate in the City

3. Dudes & Shit

4. Confessions of a phone sex Operator (I know, she nominated me, but I do love her blog)

5. Sex Geek

6. Onna-Bugeisha Xi

7. PearlNecklace

8. Belle’s Brain

9. Book Snobbery

10. The ‘S’ Word

Not in any particular order, just because… With love and tequila.


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