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My other love.. Texas. Part 1.

Travelling through Texas was interesting and it was also a bit of a romance story… between me and this big expanse of a state. Oh yes, she stole my heart.

Reminded me of home…

Stretches of country, pretty barren, occasional mountain. Minus the bright red sand. I was missing the red sand by this point. Could be why Texas stole my heart.

However I was happily being driven through Texas, first stop was El Paso to visit with a friend. I had his spare room and his cat to snuggle at night. After a few nights I moved onto San Antonio … I was about a 15 minute walk from the River Walk, staying in Market Square downtown. I walked that walk a few times in 3 days. I was the only one walking. Again, I think I was like the tourist attraction for the locals. I’m sure they all texted each other to drive past and stare at me like I was the first crazy Australian they’d seen ever.

I met a lacrosse player for dinner one night. I know right? I had no idea what lacrosse was either. I did ask, to be polite and then I promptly tuned out while he explained. I think there was a ball involved in there somewhere. And it wasn’t the ones in his pants that I was wondering about as he blah blah blah’d at me. In my defence, any talk about sport and I turn into a zombie. I zoned back in when he mentioned he did yoga. Yoga huh? I love doing yoga, we went off on a yoga talk for the next hour.  And as he walked me home I had the drunken idea that I wanted to see how bendy he was, so I invited him back for a “coffee” and then proceeded to tell him that there are no coffee-making facilities in my hotel room, however there is a big bouncy bed and I want to see how bendy you are. He laughed at me and followed anyway.

Cue hours of athletic sex. It was amazeballs. We initially didn’t even get most of our clothes off, my panties were ripped off and my dress stayed on… his fly came undone and that was about all we took off. Until about an hour later. Who said nudity was a requirement to sex? They knew nothing! And bless him, he didn’t even stop when it became clear that I had started my period. Awesome way to be welcomed into Texas. Oh yes.

The best bit about my stay in San Antonio? Being able to stay in bed the entire next day in my PJ’s – order room service and watching True Blood without having to stream it! YEAH BABY!

After a few more days in San Antonio I headed off to Austin. I had no idea what to expect or how to get to the city, or find my hotel. Thank fuck for smart phones is all I have to say. Google maps FTW.

Getting to Austin was easy… however part 2 will start with tears, vomit and possibly a tantrum…

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