Christmas always makes me a wee bit weird.

I sometimes envy you guys that you have Christmas, because you see I grew up not knowing about this tradition. Sure I was bombarded with the decorations at the end of the year, but we never really celebrated it. At least not in the gusto that everyone else seems to.

That weird uncle that no one talks about

My Christmases more like this…

Just imagine a few empty wine bottles under that tree and it’s perfect.

With a touch of this…


I guess it’s why I’ve always loved the Orphan’s Xmas parties that friends have thrown for those of us that don’t celebrate it, are away from family, don’t talk to our families, are alone and lonely or just don’t have any plans on that day.

This year was no different. My rope family decided that having an Orphans Xmas would be fun. I was so looking forward to it.

Then my mother called. The night before. Letting me know she was going to visit. On Xmas day. I tried not to let my disappointment through in my voice, not sure it worked. At least I had the bottles of wine I got from the work secret santa business to keep me entertained while my mother asked me again why I thought going to a sperm bank to get impregnated was such a bad idea. I wasn’t quite drunk enough to tell her that I don’t need to pay people for sperm. I could easily just go out and get laid. But then that just grossed me out and I thought better of even opening that door.

Because there are women out there that it’s an acceptable way to have a baby. And I’m sure that there are a lot of guys out there wandering around who have no idea that they’ve had a child. Don’t laugh, I know someone who did this one. It goes against everything I believe in. Which is why I no longer know this person. But that’s beside the point.

I went with the valid explanation that I have a cat. A cat that poops, vomits and bites me. And I don’t have the financial or emotional security of being able to raise a child on my own. I believe that a child should have 2 or more parents. Not the one.

So it went. Until she got a call from her friend an hour into ruining my Christmas plans and then promptly told me she is going to go spend the rest of her day at a BBQ out somewhere west where there are tumble weeds. I might have danced a bit, on the inside.

My friend, upon hearing that my mother had dumped me advised me to be outside my building in 4 minutes as he’d organised a cab to pick me up and deliver me to the rope family gathering so that I can roll around there instead of at home alone.

This proved to be fantastic way to end my otherwise miserable day.

There was lots of rolling around on the floor. Drinking sangria (I upgraded from the wine) and giggles, rope, squeals, screams, snoozing under pillows…

Most of all though, I was surrounded by my family of choosing. Sometimes you don’t have to be related by blood to have a bond as strong as blood family.

So I’ve been a bit quiet, a bit withdrawn, a bit crazy and a lot nervous.

Counting down the days until I hear back from the job. Freaking out. Trying to keep busy.

Also I think I found a new thing. It’s called amigumuri.

I’m making a moogle bitches. (if you aren’t a final fantasy fanatic then you probably won’t get this reference…)

The cute! I’m dying of the cute!!!


  • Aussa Lorens

    I’m glad you had some people to spend Christmas with– I’d never heard of this “Orphan Christmas” concept but I like it and certainly could have used it for many years of sad Christmases! I’m kind of distracted from everything right now because you said “Sangria” and now I want some.
    I also want you to get that job, dangit! Aaaahh stupid holidays! rolls around on floor in show of support

    • Spankalicious

      Bless!! The floor is so sexy I can’t help but roll on it sometimes! You’ll find you’ll come the same conclusion too after a few home made sangria’s =)

      I believe I might have screamed “Oh floor, you are so irresistible! I can’t help but throw myself on you envisage me throwing myself on floor and proceeding to roll around oh yes yes yes!! FLOOR! I can’t keep off you, you sexy beastie you!”

      Cue my friends laughing at me and giving me alcohol.

      Orphans Christmas, yes, we coined the phrase a while ago because it suits what we do. We collect and invite all the oddballs, the loners, the single, couple, tripled people to share with us. I believe it’s enhanced by the fact that we had bucket-loads of sangria. Home made. With raspberries in. RASPBERRIES!

      I’m so easily amused. Raspberries <3

  • femaleramblings

    Lots of alcohol and spending christmas with people you love through choice (rather than through a blood line) sounds like the BEST way to spend Christmas. It always boggles me why people feel obliged to spend the day with relatives they hate or never otherwise see. It makes far more sense for everyone to have an enjoyable time with the people they love! Have a fabulous new year and good luck hearing back about the job! Xx

    • Spankalicious

      Thank you, believe you me, you lot will be the first to hear about the job!! =)

      I think it’s possibly the best way to spend Christmas too. I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to endure my entire family all on the one day. They would drive me banana’s.

      Hope you have a safe and entertaining New Years! xx

  • TK

    I’m blessed to have family to spend the holidays with, but they are nuts. Seriously… There are stories. I used to be terrified of having a boyfriend because I was sure he would dump me when he met those crazy people. Lucky me, he also thinks they’re crazy and still lets me drag him to family events. Sometimes it’s more stressful than it’s worth.

    Also, I WANT THAT MOOGLE!!! All my love to that adorable moogle.

    • Spankalicious

      Oh gosh TK, then I daresay our families sound like they are perfect for each other. Maybe we can just offload them together and run away. It really is stressful! I don’t deal well with 50+ people in small enclosed spaces. Especially when it’s all family.

      Hehe! Who knows, you might get one for Christmas next year if I can figure out the pattern and get it down pat. There’s also a tonberry that I’m going to try making, knife and all <3

      Watch this space for pics 😀

      • TK

        Family is important to me, though. No matter what they do or say, I will always do what I can for family. What I won’t do is be something I’m not. For now, I can hide things they don’t need to know about. Someday they will know. For example, I hope to get married someday but I do not want a Catholic wedding. I am terrified of that desire coming out. Eloping sounds better and better each day.

        I hope you blog about how you create the moogle and tonberry. It looks like a lot of work.

        • Spankalicious

          Yeah family is important to me too. They are family after all. Can’t give them away even if I wanted to!

          Sure thing. I’ll totally blog about it 🙂 I’ll be crocheting them!

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