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Hello New Year! New you? New whatever.

January 1st:

I spent the day in my PJ’s at home on the couch with my best friend watching Iron Man 1 – 3 and the Hobbit. This is what all “the day after NYE” should be about. We giggled about the pictures on FB from when my wife and I tied up the blow up doll at my friend’s house that was hanging on her clothes line. I lamented about the fact that I seemed to be the local “spill your sticky drink on” gal. Granted it meant that a certain friend got to use her tongue to clean me up, but that’s beside the point. It isn’t fun being the local popsicle that’s alcohol flavoured.

New years resolution – day 1. Sustainable. No urges to run off and masturbate like crazy detected. All good Houston, we don’t have any complaints from the downstairs department.

January 2nd:

Work. Wait. What? Oh em gee. They want me to worrrrrrrrrrrrrrk.

New years resolution – day 2. Not so sustainable. There is talk of a mutiny from the locals. Not aided by the fact that Loki has now decided that he is enjoying being in control so is ever so helpfully telling me to play, then stopping me half way through and sending me to bed. This was a bit do-able. Which is surprising in itself. There was only a small amount of whining included in this phone call.

I think I’m still quite content from the epic session a few days ago. I mean I somehow ended up diagonal across my bed and half way down the mattress and my house-mate said she enjoyed the noises coming from my bedroom. I love my pervy roommates.

Self control. I haz it!

January 3rd:

Fuck this work. Why am I here again?

New years resolution – day 3. The locals are still rowdy. They aren’t quite ready to mutiny and kill me. There are talks happening though. In hushed circles far from where I can hear.

I can do this damn you vajayjay.

I will win


  • TK

    You can do it! Tell yourself the longer you wait, the more epic it will feel when you hop back on. You only get that reward if you can make it through, though.

    • Sharn

      That’s what I keep telling myself!!

      It’s going to be epic. But I don’t think the locals are agreeing with me here, heh!

      It is going to be an interesting 2 months.

    • Sharn

      Ahh I only watched Angel last year (!!) now so it’s still fresh. We went with the Hobbit because my best friend has been living under a rock lately and hadn’t seen it.

      Oh and we started on the Underworld quartet 😉

  • bethteliho

    Your blog looks different. Did you change it? And I’m all behind on the story. Sorry, I took a 2 week blog vacay and am now playing catch up. You are trying not to have sex? Nor play “solitaire”? And who is Loki, and why is he/she toying with you so naughtily!?

    • Sharn

      I think I might have changed it!

      Welcome back to the Blogosphere 🙂

      No sex and no masturbating. I’m going insane. Slowly.

      Loki, is my American that I’ve been talking with a hella lot! I think I wrote about him a bit ago! I’ll try to find the link when I get home 🙂

        • Sharn

          It’s my new years resolution as I haven’t really gone anytime without masturbating. To prove I can. And I’m not dependant on it to sleep or function 🙂

          He is just using it to torture me because it amuses him and he wants to see me break 😉

          • bethteliho

            Well I wish you good luck then! Which seems very strange…to be wishing someone good luck for that sort of thing. But if it’s your goal then I think you should go for it to make your point. Just stay away from my deliciously naughty Pinterest board…..

          • Sharn


            Oh I fail at staying away from Pintrest!

            Although I do have a stupid amount of crafts on mine I guess!

          • bethteliho

            I don’t have a craft board yet. I haven’t been very crafty this year. I’ve painted a bit, so I have some painting inspiration boards, and my yummy board, but no crafts….yet!

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