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Amigurumi – the moogle

I know some of you were interested in my amigurumi adventures.

I finished my moogle in 2 days. I went through about 5 skeins of woollen yarn. 2 visits to the yarn shop at Morris & SonsΒ – who were entertained when I walked back in the next morning for more yarn.

End product, cuteness overload.



I need to pop over to the hardware store to get a wire to attach his final head bauble but otherwise he is a cuddly lil thing!


    • Sharn

      I’m currently going to try him in cotton.

      If this works out well, I’ll mail you one! Australian mail call style =)

      Think of it as a late Christmas or early birthday present or something!

      • TK

        I didn’t expect you to actually agree to give me. One, I mean… I wouldn’t say no. But you really don’t need to do that. You should keep your cuteness and be proud of him or her (not sure if you’ve assigned a gender to it yet ^_^)

        • Sharn

          It’s all good!

          I’m going to be keeping mine, he’s woollen and I love the texture of him so prying him from my cold dead fingers might be a wee bit hard.

          However I’m did buy some cotton to try to make my next one in for a friend, so I don’t mind using up the extra cotton to make another one for you! It will save me having to shelve the left over cotton. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to be using as much as the wool.

          And it’s good practice. My next project after this one might be a wee bit harder on the crocheting so I need to get familiar with the patterns, reading the patterns and the different stitches. Which, tbh, I think I had the most problem with!! They didn’t make sense!

          • TK

            I’m just coming back to tell you that I was listening to Distant Worlds play Blinded by Light from FFXIII and it just solidified my decision to play those games if only for the music. Oh the glorious music.

          • TK

            I love the music of 14. I even wrote a post not that long ago about how much I loved the music without ever playing the game.

            With my fancy PS3, it’s just a matter of time. I’d like to play both 11 and 14 at some point. I want to say that I’ve played all the games (although I don’t think I can ever say I ‘beat’ 11 or 14)

          • TK

            X was great. I cried at the end. I just beat IV, to which I relinquished the title of best Final Fantasy game. For an old game with old graphic, the music and story is stunning. I was just floored.

            Before that, IX was the reigning champion. It was the first I played and it still holds a special place in my heart.

            So… you CAN beat 11 even though it’s an MMORPG?

          • Sharn

            I just got the 2 released on steam, I’m currently playing them when I can’t get onto XIV! Which at the moment because SE have such bad customer service has been for a few days πŸ™

            Ohhh sorry, I didn’t mean 11, I was prob thinking X-1 … although I’m sure that 11 wasn’t MMORPG!? I thought XII & XIII was?

          • TK

            No. 11 is an MMORPG. It was the first Final Fantasy MMORPG (and I avoided it because I wanted to say that I’d beaten all the Final Fantasy games and now I can never say that). XII(12) was a PS2 game. XIII(13) is a PS3 game. Only 11 and 14 are MMORPGs

          • Sharn

            Ohhh there you go then. This is what happens when I Internet without my morning coffee lol

            XII! That’s what I was thinking about. Gosh I loved that one too.

            The only mmorprg one I played is xiv.

          • TK

            I liked XII, but it was nothing compared to I – X. After X came out, they started to make some drastic changes to the series. It’s completely lost it’s original feel. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy X-2 and XII. They were both good games. They just didn’t meet the standards I hold for the Final Fantasy series.

            That said, I love Ashe in XII. It was awesome to have such a kick ass female character. Did you know that they were originally going to make Basch the main character instead of Vann. They changed their mind because they didn’t think Basch would connect with a younger audience.

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