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Pubicitis? The pubic hair debate.

I’m not sure y’all are aware, I had a moment late last year that I decided to let my hairs grow.

Well while perusing the paper today at lunchtime I came across an article that made me giggle. No seriously, it did.

Here’s why:

American Apparel Mannequins

I love love love that these mannequins have nipples and pubic hair showing in the underwear. I find it exhilarating that American Apparel love to push societal boundaries so. I really do. It makes my heart sing.

Lately I’ve been re-growing my pit hair too. It’s not at this stage yet…

Emer O’Toole shows off her under arm hair on morning TV in the UK.

But then I figure what if it does get to that stage? Then who cares?

Well no, I still do care. I’m more comfortable than I was about it last year. In so much as my friends and family are now used to seeing some fuzz under my arms and not tell me to go shave. Well, that’s more family telling me to go shave that is, my friends just don’t give a flying toss about what’s growing where. Unless it’s some weird growth on my face or something…

The moral of this story? The fact that I’m so so so glad that it seems hair is making a come back. There’s such pressure to make sure we fit the “feminine” stereotype that when I see things like this my inner feminist roars her approval.

Even if it means that I’m still to mortified to lift my arms in a public setting if I have a strapless shirt or dress on and knowing me I’ll wax it before I head overseas. Because ultimately, it’s my choice and one I’m happy to make.

I’m de-sensitising myself to hair. Is it working? I think so. Except I keep shaving it off before it turns into ape-ville like the lasses up there. I get natural, but honey, house keep that shit.

I’m not sure I can easily give up on my brazilian though. If only because I hate hair down there. I really do.

And while we are talking about down there, I thought I would update on my new years resolution.

I’m now at week 2 after my lapse. We have an uneasy truce going on, my vagina and I.

It flares up every night when I go to bed, that urge, the itch to just rub a quick one out. But my will power at the moment is stronger.

I’m not sure how much longer it will be stronger for, however I figure I’ll be flying overseas in 3 weeks. 3 more weeks should just about do it.

I’ll prove to myself that I don’t have a masturbation problem and that it is just something to do when I’m bored, horny or just as the mood strikes.

Which brings me to this article I also read today about happy endings at workĀ …

When that statistic is compared with other surveys, what you find is more people masturbating in the workplace than those who fall asleep (29 per cent), steal office stationery (25 per cent), and arrive late once a week (16 per cent).


Maybe I’m not the only one with a trigger happy vagina?!


  • TK

    It wasn’t until the past few years that I realized pubic hair was such a debate. Are there really people out there saying “YOU HAVE TO [fill in the blank] WITH YOUR PUBES!” Because I’ve never encountered that. I do what I want. Like other issues surrounding my vagina, it’s mine… MINE!

    • Sharn

      I’ve always known it. I think it’s because of the culture that I was brought up in.

      Basically you weren’t meant to have hair. Anywhere. It’s against the religious rules. Believe it or not. For men & women though. So from a young age my mother was telling me to wax it or shave it or whatever I wanted to do it.

      And yes, like other issues it should be up to you how you want to wear your pubes. Whether that be you pit hair, leg hair, upper lip, eyebrows or your vagina.

      • TK

        When you say weren’t meant to have hair, do you mean religion said that or that nature didn’t intend for us to have hair?

        There was no discussion of the vagina in my house. Therefore, it wasn’t until I got to college and started talking to girls about it that I even knew it was a thing.

  • Aussa Lorens

    Hahaha wait, that many people admit to jacking off at work?! That means the number is probably higher. That’s terrifying and weird and makes me want to start using hand sanitizer.

    PS this is hilariously timely because I’m going to the lady doc tonight so I made sure things were in extra shipshape. Of course, it usually is over the weekends before 5 days of neglect, ha.

    • Sharn

      Growing my hair? That’s a bit long of an explanation. So many different factors. Major one of them being because society expects me not to.

      I have a new years resolution to prove to myself that my life doesn’t revolve around my cunt and that I don’t need to wank to live. And because I was doing it a lot.

      • divorcedandsingleblog

        Well, everything in life evolves around sex. Why do you work? To earn money. Why do you earn money? to attract a potential partner etc. etc.
        Sex and masturbation are so nice. Why refuse yourself one of the pleasures? But – good luck with the resolution anyway šŸ™‚

        • Sharn

          Well, no, I actually work so I can earn money to travel, go out and have a quality of life lol screw the partner šŸ™‚

          Yes, they are nice. However I haven’t stopped wanking since I found out where my clit was at the age of 11. It’s about proving to myself that I can live without it and since I’m a very prolific rub one outter. Plus I broke my hitachi. It was time.

          It’s currently like my sex ban. I refuse to have meaningless encounters, that’s what my 20’s were for. Quality over quantity. Unfortunately men leave a lot to be desired and I can’t have one night stands with women. Go figure.

  • Beth Teliho

    Did you actually draw that vagina at the end? I’m impressed! You are a very unique individual, Sharn. I don’t know many people who are as comfortable talking about masturbation, pubes, and sex as you. I think it’s great. Different, but great. I’m glad you’re on week 2 of your resolution – wow. I bet it’s been hard. I probably chose the wrong word there.

    OH and that study about wackin’ it at work??? HORRIFYING.

    • Sharn

      Aww thanks Beth. I think it’s important that we all talk about things like sexual issues. I think there’s too many misconceptions for me not to share my awkward sexual history with people. Just so that everyone knows that they aren’t alone. It really is ok and that it is also good to talk about!

      HAHA Wrong words indeed. My cuddle toys in bed have been getting very squished during my sleeps. I don’t know if it’s because I’m wound tighter than a spring or what. But I’m getting there. I figure I only have another 2 1/2 weeks to go until I meet up with Loki anyway. Long as I can hold out until then I’ll have proved to myself that I can totally survive without having to pleasure myself constantly!

      Work + masturbation = I had no idea it was so prolific!! I just thought maybe every so often people might. But well. Maybe they could have like a sanitised wank room? Where it sprays like sanitiser over everything in the room after it’s been used? That way I won’t be freaking out about door handles and other peoples goo?

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