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The Gloria Jeans Boycott; where you go to get your coffee served up with a side of homophobia.

And today we look at my love of coffee… and boycott of Gloria Jeans.

Which is unfortunate because they do a mean caramel maccihiato.

It all started about 5 years ago, when my friend told me that Gloria Jeans was owned by the Hillsong Church. I mournfully waved good-bye to my Gloria Jeans frequent sippers card and had a bit of a sob. You see, the Hillsong Church to me, symbolises all that is wrong with religion today. They take a cut of your pay check, they preach hatred and discrimination (homophobia, intolerance of other religions, peoples, etc) and they want to build some holy monolithic structure out west where they can have weekend hoe downs ending in mass orgies.

Well ok, that last bit I made up, but I’m sure if they did have mass orgies they would be less hateful.

So why do I boycott?

Firstly I should add that I am a big believer in voting with my feet. I usually email or write a letter to those companies explaining why I will never use their product any longer and leave it at that. Well possibly also spread it on facebook to make sure my friends aren’t getting in on the bad juju’s.

I stumbled upon this in my travels and she explains all the reasons why I do not drink Gloria Jeans coffee and why I do walk an extra 30 minutes sometimes to get coffee from anywhere else but their shop.

Boycotting Gloria Jeans – The reason behind it.

Granted the Salvation Army has since done a huge back flip on their homophobic comments and web pages. Their marriage page still emphasises that they believe in the traditional marriage only, father – mother – children. And a clarification in regards to one of their senior members getting on radio and saying that all homosexuals should die was rather well put I must say.

Which means that I’ve hung out in Starbucks for longer than I care to admit. But at least they don’t serve up their coffee with hatred.

Have you ever boycotted anything? If so what? Why? Did you ever let them know?

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