My virginial visit to Pittsburgh.

It’s been a while since I’ve been sitting on a greyhound bored out of my brain.

So I thought I would update you on my trip to date.

No, there have been no strange men or sloppy kisses. My cousin effectively glared at any man that looked my way let alone tried to talk to me.

This meant I only saw the chaste version of Pittsburgh instead of the kinky underbelly that I’m sure exists.

I found the lock ness monster in Pittsburgh.

Thankfully he didn’t ask what that bundle in a Japanese furoshiki was. Not sure how I would explain that is my rope, carabeaners and swivel.

Explaining Japanese rope bondage is hard enough to non family.

So what have I been doing? In sub zero temps he said I get to choose what we do, so I said hiking.

He swore at me but took me to the Ohiopyle with his girlfriend anyway.

I met a suicidal duck that was swimming into the half frozen waterfall. And someone’s puppy made me fall over by jumping on me and proceeded to lick my face.

And just in case you want some pictures here they are.

Ps. Snowflakes were so huge and fluffy I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I think I love snow hiking.







  • bethteliho

    Wow – those photos are stunning! Especially the waterfall. Cool. Glad you’re having fun so far. Uhhhh….why did you bring your bondage stuff? Are you visiting a bondage club or something? Only you would inspire these questions from me. LOL.

    • Sharn

      It was worth the hike! They were even prettier in real life!

      Well, I have this urge to tie people. And if I can’t find anyone to tie I tend to self suspend. I would love to have a moment in the snow upside down from a branch. 🙂

  • TK

    I’ve lost my ability to love snow. I’m tired of it and it needs to go away. In other news, I am now very curious about Japanese rope bondage…… but I’m also afraid of what I’d find if I googled it….

    • Sharn

      Japanese rope bondage is sort of an art form. It’s traditional, yet can be non kinky or totally kinky.

      Think aerial gymnastics without the ribbons and rope instead. It’s really hard on the body sometimes. But I love it.

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