Love and hate, it’s a short list…

You know, jet lag.

My brain isn’t capable of much at the moment, however after reading posts from some of my favourite womans’ Aussa & Beth – I figured that answering questions is easy!! 21 things I irrationally love or hate? Pshh I could go to 101. But I won’t. Because boredom. We can’t have you having it.

So without much ado….

21 things I irrationally love or hate

  1. Rope – and not just any rope it has to be natural fibre. Jute preferably. Or even Italian linen, hemp and coconut rope gets my juju humming like a little bullet vibrator. Oh yes. As much as I love tying myself and other people up in it, I love conditioning it, I love working the oils into it, I love the smell, the texture, the beautiful beautiful marks it leaves on one’s skin…

    Futomomo Marks
    Futomomo Marks – from Andersmcm’s Tumblr
  2. Cockroaches. Why? These things live through nuclear holocausts, that should be telling us something. Apart from that they are ickky and make me want to vomit. And I once woke up to one crawling along my arm, granted I had fallen asleep in my friends backyard due to a late night party we’d had and err … look the point of this is that I woke up with one crawling on my arm and I totally forgot how drunk I still should have been and ran around screaming like a banshee flapping my arms and yelling that I want to die because I’d been contaminated by feral mutant roach germs. Moral of the story? I hate the fuckers and I hate it even more when they are in close proximity to me.
  3. Nature. Ahhhhhhhh nature. I love you. Yet I hate you. I love how green  you are in peektures. Yet when I rush off into the middle of nowhere to roll around and absorb the green happy vibes, you let me get lost and eat spider-webs in my haste to get un-lost and find water. I love your frozen waterfalls, yet hate that I end up sliding down the icy stairs on my ass because the soft snow on top is hiding your secret. I guess if I were to ever come back as anything, I’d want to be you. Because you’re beauty and evil cruelty make me so happy. When it’s not me bouncing down the snowy ice stairs on my ass squealing.
  4. Cat & dog videos Animal Videos. You know the ones, ones of Maru are priceless. The one of my cat playing with my housemates dog, even more cute. They make me laugh and cry in equal measure. Something about animals. You know. Like the squirrel that likes to hide its nuts in the dog’s coat.

  5. Gaming. I know, currently I’m rather addicted to Final Fantasy XIV – online MMORPGS. My downfall. I just read that Diablo III has a pre-order for its expansion available. This made me a wee bit happy. I’m putting in my order today.
  6. Heights. I push my fear of heights by doing indoor rock climbing. Every so often I freak out and can’t let go of the wall, especially if I need to swing out and jump for the next handhold. If I don’t look down I’m usually ok. However if there is a bit where I need to push-off from the wall to swing out and back in again, I die.
  7. Geeky pursuits. From Dr Who to BBT, Tolkin to Marvel. Comics, anime, hentai – the list is endless. I get a wee kick from having thigh high tardis socks. I do.
  8. Building things. I love nothing better than spending a weekend building something. My last project was my cat’s new scratching post. 3 levels of awesome. He loves it.
  9. Motorbikes & push bikes – If it has wheels or tits it will cause you problems. Such a truer quote I’ve never heard. Yet I am still lusting after this…. That storm trooper better be a woman.
  10. Treehouses – After watching the show on television I would now love one. Yes. Like an adult’s tree house. With all the trimmings. Uh huh.
  11. Open mouth mastication. No seriously, you want death? Do this near me and I’ll likely stab you with whatever I have in my hand at the given time. CLOSE. YOUR. MOUTH. WHEN. YOU. CHEW. It’s not freaking rocket science people!
  12. Underwater stuff. No wait, hear me out lol like the underwater art works and things that you can dive to see. At the bottom of the ocean. Oh, let’s not even start on the deep sea critters that no one even has names for. I find it endlessly fascinating. Irrationally love.
  13. Ignorant people. I know I knooooooooooooooooooow. I should be more tolerant. But you know, after spending most of my life being tolerant, I’ve decided that my 30’s mean that I don’t have to be tolerant any longer. I can actually point out their stupidity and offer to write the web address for google if they want to educate themselves further.
  14. Baths. No, really, I am that girl. I can’t live in a house without a bath tub.
  15. Pedicures. I hate feet. I do, seriously. Ask anyone that’s asked me for a foot massage. Or anything else relating to their feet. However…. I loooooooooove my feet being played with. This includes pampered. Just don’t ask me to touch them.
  16. Head massages. Oh good lords. You know the ones that the hairdressers give you as they shampoo your hair? My toes curl and I go to my happy place in my head.
  17. Adventuring. I have this nasty habit of getting myself into situations that I should let other’s get into so I can laugh at them for a change.
  18. My mother. What the hell right? Right. She’s mental. I love her. I hate her. She makes me laugh. She gives me grey hairs. Irrational love/hate at it’s best.
  19. Planes. For a chick that loves to get around, my claustrophobia plays a huge part in plane rides. Most times international flights are sooooo huge that it’s not a problem. I get myself tucked into a window seat where I can zone out the rest of the plane and I’m usually ok. Smaller flights cause all kinds of havoc if they have more than 10 people on them. It’s the whole breathing my air thing. Or think of it as my private bubble invasion. Respect my bubble yo. Find your own bloody oxygen.
  20. Kawaii. Oh yes, irrational love for all things kawaii! Peace out.
  21. Cherry Blossoms. To the point that I had to include some in my last tattoo. Yes. I’m a sucker for some cherry blossoms. At least in tattoo form I don’t get allergies.


  • Blossom Brouillard

    I love the squirrel video!!! Never thought about oils and rope before. Interesting. Open mouth mastication? Hate it!!! Love my son’s girlfriend, (from India). She does it. 🙁 Don’t know how to tell her to stop! You’re still an inspiration Sharn. I’ve had a fear of Heights and pass the climbing wall at the gym never even considering trying it!

  • Aussa Lorens

    Nice, great items! And I love that squirrel video. I love that the dog is just like “ruh roo what’s going on fuzzy friend?”
    Indoor rock climbing, eh? I should do this… I’ve been rappelling whilst hiking but I’d bet this is a killer workout… hmmm… as long as someone is ready to catch me haha

    • Sharn

      Hahaha I know. That dog is like patient as! Such a cute video!

      Rock climbing is amaze. Nothing quite like it! You just need someone to belay for you. From what I hear you guys also have machine belays. If only we had those here!

  • bethteliho

    FUCK. I had this huge comment and it didn’t take. damnit.

    In summary: YES to treehouses and rock climbing. I’m obsessed with both of them….like to the point of having pinterest boards devoted to them. I stalk all the best climbers in the biz. sigh Lowe. Sharma (so damn hot). S. Davis and C. Destivelle (yeah girl power!). Honnold (he amazes me – truly spiderman). Caldwell. I could go on and on.

    you made rope sound very appealing.

    And now I also need a baby squirrel. Stat.

    • Sharn

      Darn you WP!! For eating my awesome comment!! (not that I’m saying your other comment isn’t awesome! … I’ll give up while I’m ahead)

      YEEEEEEES! Pintrest! Jebus woman! Why have I not thought of doing this before. And tonight instead of studying I shall be pinning treehouses. I’m a wee bit obsessed. I secretly watch all the episodes of the treehouse shows I can find. Because you know, I can’t have everyone knowing how much weirder I just got!

      It is appealing!! One day I’ll have to write about how I stumbled into rope and my super obsession with it.

      YES!! The squirrel is sooooooooo cute. I also need one of those dogs. They are like great danes without the dribble. I can totally do this.

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