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A review of love.

No, I haven’t lost my senses. Although maybe I have.

You see I’m an avid Yelper. What this means is that I’m that person who is checking into every new place she goes to so I can write a review on it later. I’ve met a lot of awesome people through Yelp, fellow Elite members who have made me laugh and we’ve bonded over broken hearts and a lot of tequila.

So when one of my Yelpers shouted out about Chase C‘s reviews my interest was perked. Not only does he now have an article written about his reviews in the Washington Post he is getting a whole load of Australian friends on Yelp!

The difference of Chase’s reviews? He lives in New York. He is unravelling his love affair with his partner through his reviews. And the subsequent break up nearly a year later. He’s heart-broken and I have urges to go find him, shove him under a blanket and force feed him biscuits and chocolate ice-cream.

To love that hard, that fast and to loose someone before you’re ready. I guess it’s all something we’ve felt. Ok, so I can definitely say that I haven’t really loved anyone that hard. Well, unless you count what I’m going through at the moment. But that’s possibly another story.

But that then leads to the question, what is love?

Is it the smile as you walk down the street skipping because you remembered something funny yet stupidly sweet he said the other night? Is it in the contentment that we find being with the other person? Is it in their scent? Their touch? Their smile? The way they grab your hair and pull your head in for a soft kiss?

Or maybe it’s just this…


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