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Meeting Loki for the first time… and then my clothes fell off

Well you guys know that I’ve talked to Loki online now for a long while. And we had our first face to face when I was in the States.

Actually he came to pick me up from the Greyhound stop (which was a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere). To paint the picture, it’s on a back road. There’s a petrol station on the corner. There was a huge parking lot behind me. Some train tracks. No shops. No houses. And this white hut.

I stepped off the greyhound, after a harrowing 28 hours travelling – the snow storms cancelled services, the ice on the road meant that when we were actually on the road a snail would have passed us in speed… So by the time I actually arrived in West Virginia, I had baby puke on my shoulder as a child’s little baby decided that I was more interesting than his mother and glued himself to me, I was tired, cranky, hungry and my hair looked like an eagle’s nest.

Like this…

Sexy, I had it written all over me. I don’t know how he kept himself off me, really.

But getting back to the story. I got off the bus and waited under the shelter. There were some people there that adopted me and started to tell me what football team I should be going for. Obviously my accent and that I said I have no idea about football didn’t register. Or they just figured I was talking gibberish. I found that with a lot of Americans when they don’t understand what you say, they just go with what they think you said and it leads to interesting conversations. Like the fact that they said they’d adopted me and now their football team was mine and that all would be well with the world. I guess my demeanour screamed orphaned greyhound woman. I got adopted by a lot of people on greyhounds. It was bizarre.

So there I was, trying to mind my own business and try not to die from nerves while these people jabbered at me about how awesome their team was and that I would love them. I was feeling so nervous I wanted to puke on these people… who were being nice but all I wanted was for them to shut up so I could hear myself think. So there I was, dreaming of ways to kill these people while politely smiling and nodding at them.

And I got a text message, saying he just parked. I was so distracted that I wanted to say I’m stuck because of the snow, but just ended up sending him a message back saying “snow”. Aren’t men inbuilt with mind reading capabilities these days? I thought that was a new implant they got…

Anyway… I look up and my stomach kind of did that flip-flop and I think I held my breath until he walked over. And then I got hit with the bashful. I was literally hiding in the fur of my hooded jacket as he said hi and I said hi.. and grinned a bit.. actually I think I grinned a lot of bits. I don’t remember much apart from walking behind him to the car. I think I forgot to think. And then the next time I remember is that he had me wrapped up in a hug and I was thinking this is nice. It’s warm. He smells good. He’s warm. Should I step away? How long is a normal hug meant to go for? What if he thinks I’m hugging him too long? He smells good. I don’t want to step away. Hmm hugs.

Next thing I know we’re in his car and driving – I snuck some sideways looks at him while he’s driving and smiled a bit. We were exchanging words though, what these words were don’t ask me because I can’t remember. All I remember is that we started arguing about something within 5 minutes of being in the car together and I knew we’d be ok. Plus he smelt good. There’s something to be said about the comfort of arguing with someone light-heartedly that smells good.

We got back to his place and all I wanted to do was have a hot shower, the bird’s nest hair and the dirty feeling of being grimey from travelling for so long was wearing on me. He threw a towel at me and I went into the bathroom to de-thaw and clean myself under warm water. Oh yes. There’s nothing like a hot shower to make you feel human again. I got into my pj’s and got back into his room and climbed into bed. He climbed in behind me and wrapped his arm around me and I wiggled back so that I was flush against him and I might have sighed happily – at least I did in my brain. There’s something to be said about being wrapped up as little spoon that makes one feel safe and cocooned. And I was clean. I was feeling tired and extremely happy.

Then his hand moved. And my entire body felt like it had been electrified. The smallest shift from him would burn my skin and make my breath catch. Next thing I know his hand is under my t-shirt and I was melting. Clothes might have flown off at this point and well. You don’t need me to tell you what happened after that. Only that it was good. Oh mmhmm. Good. Quite. Great. Yes. Uhmm.

Let’s say that the rest of the visit was filled with clothes falling off and lots of bed time. We watched lots of “movies” that ended up in clothes falling off again. We cooked, we laughed and we argued. His dog, Tidus, was cute enough that I allowed him to be naughty yet drove me mental enough that I layed down some ground rules. I took him for his first walk. We ran back, he was beside himself with happiness yet freaked out by the walk. It was cute.

How can you stay cranky pants at this cute? Exactly!

So I guess it was a resounding success? Our electric online exchanges carried on in real life and I am counting down the days that I can go back and snuggle into his great smelling warmth. And no, not Tidus. Hah!

He makes me smile stupidly as I’m walking down the street to the train station to work. I’m sure people walking past think I’ve lost my marbles, but I don’t care. Talking to him when I’m sick makes me feel happy, still sick but happy. And this, this is a good thing.

Because I’d sworn off anything after my ex. I was giving it up and going to just be the mad cat lady. Looks like I can possibly still be the mad cat lady, but with added animals. And a sweet-smelling man who makes me laugh and makes me feel secure, safe and wanted. It’s an incredible feeling, after having someone who was with me and made me feel the exact opposite.

I can’t wait for more of this…


    • Sharn

      Thanks Beth 😀

      I’m thrilled too! I was so scared it was going to face plant and I was going to have to keep travelling on my own. But he’s such a sweetie I can’t wait to climb all over him again!

      He won’t be, I’ll probably be going back there soon. At some point in the future, yes, he will. And he’ll see that Australia is not out to kill everyone 😀

  • wholelottarosiee

    D’awww! I love that this happened! An online fairy tale!

    ‘Snow’. Hahah. Bless you.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time together. And you’re right. If you can argue with somebody within five minutes of meeting and still fuck, cook and cuddle, you’ve found a keeper. Sucks about the distance but I don’t care what anyone says, if you want a relationship work you make it work. xx

    • Sharn

      Thank you sweetheart <3

      I know right, talk about facepalm moments. Snow. Really? That’s all brain could come up with? Fail.

      We did and I think we can. We have the will and it all makes me warm and gooshy inside. Which is a bonus!! xx

  • Blossom Brouillard

    Love this!!! So happy for you. Did I ever happen to mention my IT guy (when I had my biz) meet his wife thru his blog. They are now married with two sweet, very funny little guys. I suppose in blogging we can be pretty exposed. So it cuts through a lot of the first dating stuff.

    • Sharn

      Thanks Blossom 🙂

      No you never mentioned! Although Loki and I met through our love of Final Fantasy XIV 😀 He does read My blog though.

      And you’re so right, it cuts out a lot of the first date stuff, rather quickly!

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