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Brunch, ben wa balls, butt plugs and girl on girl beginnings…

There comes a time in everyone’s life… well ok, maybe not.

But there’s always a time in mine when I get asked such random questions that I often don’t see them coming and end up doing this…


One of my girlfriends called me up one day to advise that some her kinky friends are coming up from our nations capital and she had some unexpected work pop up, so would I mind being hostess to them while they were in Sydney for a night? She says they are a married couple and really lovely people. I say sure, why not. I don’t have anything on that night so it seemed like a good idea.

So they come up, we meet for lunch. We talk, we bond over horror stories of various kinky people who we’d met who were… well. Not quite right, shall we say? We have such a great time at lunch that we decide instead of actually going around Sydney and doing things, that we’ll head over to a cafe along Oxford Street to grab a booth and keep chatting. So we do. We drink at least half the stores coffee supply before I suggest that since we’re on Oxford Street we should at least do a tour of the sex shops and the leather shops. They agree thinking it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Of we go and wander around fondling leather, giggling at certain sex toys and enjoying each other’s company.

By the time we’re finished and have a few bags of goodies between us, it’s dinner time and they offer to buy me dinner for keeping them so entertained.

I feel pretty chuffed with myself that they’ve had such a nice time that they want to thank me with dinner so I agree.

Over dinner we chat some more about kink and what we’re all into, what things we find a wee bit bizarre and generally how it’s changed our lives and that I’ve met some amazingly wonderful people like them through the kinky community.

During desert they offer coffee in their hotel room. I agree to coffee and more chats since we really have a million and one things we discuss and more stuff to yet cover.

Up we go to their hotel room overlooking Hyde Park. I settle into the couch with a cup of tea and my legs tucked up under me and they are sprawled out on the bed on their stomachs while we talk.

What felt like out of nowhere I get asked, “So, we were thinking that you’re really hot, intelligent and funny and we’d love to have a three-some with you if you were interested?”

Oh, I say. I look at the wife and say, have you guys done this before? She shakes her head at me, no. Oh, I say. Uh. Ok. Sooooooooooooooooo….

Truth be told, I hadn’t even looked at them with anything akin to sexual interest. My cunt hadn’t buzzed at me about how I wanted to rip her clothes off and have her on the bed. Even though she was a red-head and I have such a soft spot for red heads.

So I sat there, thinking furiously about if I wanted to go there. I wasn’t really fussed with him, it was her I was more interested in. So I said I needed to talk to the wife more before I made up my mind. He just nodded at me and let us chit-chat away. I start asking her pretty personal questions…

The main one? Have you been with another woman before?

She shakes her head as I take a deep breath. She says she’s always been interested in being with a woman but never found anyone that made her want to take that leap till they met me.

Now I know what they were whispering about in the corner of the sex shop. I thought they were trying to make a decision on butt plugs. Which is always easy for me, go for the sparkly one. I like sparkly, what can I say?

Ok I say, so then I think I’m comfortable enough to do this, sure why not? Right? Right.

So then we both get a wee bit awkward. He’s sitting there on the bed and you can cut the awkward with a knife.

I didn’t want to get onto her while her husband is there as it’s her first time with a woman and no woman should have to put on a show for their husbands the first time. I ask him if he wouldn’t ever so mind giving us about 40 minutes on our own and going for a walk?

He says sure, you girls have fun. I nod politely at him and literally throw him out the door.

She laughs at this and the awkward is gone. I grab her by the hand and take her into the bathroom and start running a bath. Then I gently let her hair out of her braid and run my fingers through it before I grab a handful at the base of her neck and pull her in for a soft kiss. She melts into me and moans as I flick my tongue over her lips before nipping on the bottom one and drawing her into a deeper kiss. I reach around and cup her ass with my other hand and squeeze till she squeals.

I giggle. She giggles. I tell her to get undressed and I do too as I turn off the bath taps and we jump in.

The warm water is like a warm embrace as we start at either ends of the tub and slowly work our way to meet in the middle. I go back to kissing her and playing with her nipple with one hand and move the other down to get my fingers inside her. She quite likes this as she starts to move her hips against me. I bite at her neck as I split my fingers and have 2 inside her cunt and slide the third into her ass. She literally clutches at my back as she starts to come not long after. I do love a woman who looses control. We both nearly drown and start laughing afterwards as I take back my limbs and hear her husband knocking on the bathroom door and asking what we’re giggling at.

The man has impeccable timing we say and laugh some more. He wonders into the bathroom to find us both wet and dripping in the tub and asks if we are going to get out and let him play too?

We all wonder into the bedroom, us in our towels still pretty much wrapped around each other and him slowly getting undressed. I didn’t even notice, but next thing you know he’s in bed with us and totally naked and dear gods, the man has a penis on him. I mean, not length wise, but girth. I’ve never seen the likes since!!! My eyes might have bulged and said ummm my my mr wolf, you’re so big… he laughed and told me to suck it. I tried, so very very hard, but I couldn’t even get my mouth around that thing. And you know, if it doesn’t fit in my mouth, honey it sure as hell ain’t going in my cunt. He was a wee bit disappointed, but to be fair, I wasn’t there for him.

I suggested that she should be piggy in the middle. She’s been having all the fun and I’ve been horny as hell. I told him to stand at the end of the bed, I told her to get on all fours and put her face in between my legs. She wasn’t coming up for air until I’d come and he wasn’t to stop pounding her until then either. If she stopped he stopped. He called me an evil bitch as we all got into place. I might have smirked at him.

All that red hair, it was fantastic to wrap my hands in. I pulled, I pushed, I rode her face as she was getting it from behind. It was hot because he could stare into my eyes while we made her yell in unison. Until I was yelling, then I didn’t give a shit what he was doing… the girl learned to use her tongue pretty quickly. I might have come about a handful of times before I told her to insert some fingers as well. A handful more and I was tapping out. He asked if I wanted to try something else and I begged off. I wanted a smoke. So I told them that I was going to direct and they were going to be my own personal porn while I smoked.

It was perfect. Everyone should have their own personal porn. It’s amaze.

He ended by fisting her. It was my first real life fisting and I found it hot as hell.

We all ended up going to bed at about 3am curled up and woke up for round 2. I ended up calling a friend to come in because I didn’t want to share and wanted my penis by this point. My best friend being as awesome as he is, delivered and served up. That boy knows how to dominate my ass rather well and after a night of me being a toppy bitch I was ready to just bottom. We had sex in unison, them on the bed, us on the pull out couch… Hot? Why, yes, yes it was.

We all ended up going for breakfast together and I got an earful for not inviting him last night. I told him some things I like to keep to myself, he said he’d pay me back later.

The couple wanted me to move to live with them and be their in-house sex slave. She’s still playing with women to this day and they’ve not had a third since. Every so often I still get the offer.

I was honoured. It was my first ever offer of something like that and they were genuine. They said they would easily fall for me and we could be a triad.

As tempted as I was, I had way too much keeping me in Sydney to take them up on that offer.



    • Sharn

      Lol I’d say sorry but I’m not Beth! 🙂

      I’m glad it did too. I wasn’t convinced I would to go there but I’m glad I did!

      I think if I can make someone’s first worth it then I’m happy to help. Depending on the person. I’m so giving hahaha

  • maurnas

    Oh, I bet you saw that coming. I saw it coming by the second paragraph (no pun intended). But I am glad you got to have such a lovely experience.

    • Sharn

      No I really didn’t. I’m really didn’t. I’m honestly totally dense when it comes to people hitting on me.

      I just think they are being nice and friendly. Because that’s what I do. I just be nice to everyone I meet.

      So when the proposition comes out in usually a bit floored…

    • Sharn

      Thank you 🙂

      I think when all adults are actually honest, upfront and secure in their relationship threesomes can really give a nice boost.

      Usually people get coerced or talked into it and only do it to please their partner, which is where issues start I think.

      It’s should be something all parties want. Not just one, or two.

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