Sexual objectification in the weird way…

As you all are aware, I wrote a note about why I loved sexual objectification in my personal life and why it made me so hot.

Well, last week I saw this picture in the newspapers:

And to be honest, it made me a wee bit uncomfortable. I mean, sure, he has nice boobs. A bit of fur is never frowned up. But the context… Being on stage, accepting an award and having the hostess rip your shirt off mid-speech. Now if that was a woman she’d be justified in turning around and bitch slapping that silly bint to pluto. I know I would have.

As a guy though, they grin and bear it. I think what made me uncomfortable is that he is looking down (nevermind he’s smiling – we all smile in awkward situations). And it made me feel like having a shower. And firing that woman. Nevermind that they are saying it was staged, it was a bad move in my books. So then why does it seem to be acceptable behaviour for a woman to act predatory and do this kind of thing on international television? As a feminist, I’m sitting here saying I hope guys can understand how woman have felt but still feel that it’s a bit rich to feel that we have to subject men to such awkward situations to make a point.

There’s a huge outcry about sexual objectification of men on twitter and other media, yet women have gone through this for years and then I think I shouldn’t care.

But I do. And it still makes me uncomfortable.

If it was a publicity stunt then the guy should have done it himself instead of having the woman do it. Or better yet, get the guy who he beat do it for him and explain why it happened. It would be a hell more tasteful than that picture.

Imagine if women were treated like that? Honey, we don’t have to imagine it. Perhaps what worries these men so much about “reverse discrimination” and the like is that they’re terrified that if “the feminists win”, men will suddenly be treated in the same way they’ve treated women for centuries.

Article by Clem Bastow

And this article, as much as I am trying to understand why or what she is trying to convey, the last paragraph made me purse my lips and try to find a way to ease the twisting in my guts. You see, it’s a bit too much like an eye for an eye. Do we really need to subject men to what we’ve been subject to to make a point?

Can we not give them credit for having half a brain and have intelligent discourse instead?

The whole situation just makes me feel… like feminism should be worth more than what Clem is saying. Unless she’s saying something entirely different and I read the article and interpreted it incorrectly.

So how does that picture make you feel? Am I justified in my awkwardness of the picture?


  • Ann St. Vincent

    I don’t think it’s okay either way. I think women feel entitled somehow, to treat men the same way we’ve been treated. But it doesn’t make it better. I’d rather we take the high road but I do know that’s wishful thinking. Nice piece!

    • Sharn

      Thanks Ann.

      I do agree, it’s not ok either way.

      I really hope that we don’t feel entitled, it makes no sense whatsoever in my mind. An eye for an eye has never been something that’s sat well with me.

      Glad it’s not just me then!!

  • TK

    I get what you’re saying. I don’t like the idea of “equal objectification.” Can’t we just see people as sexy people who can get us off and human beings at the same time? Is it too much to ask for a little control over our bodies, man or woman?

    I know I didn’t like that event either. Probably because I imagine what it would have felt like to have someone do something like that to me… and because I can think of a similar event and how humiliating that felt for me. No one, regardless of their gender or sexuality, should be reduced to a piece of meat.

    • Sharn

      I totally agree TK. They shouldn’t.

      Unless they ask to be. In which case I think it’s really freaking important to let people know that it’s been pre-arranged so that we don’t feel like I do about this event.

  • maurnas

    I have a rule. If something seems off, I reverse the genders. And that shit is fucked up for a man to do to a woman on stage. Therefore it’s fucked up for a woman to do to a man. Reversing the genders always works. And I agree, the point of feminism is not to treat men as badly as some of them treat women. That will not help anything and will only cause more unfairness and animosity.

    • Sharn

      Here here.

      I do the same to be honest. If I think I’m in a grey area I always flip the genders. It’s a great way of me ensuring that I don’t subject anyone to anything that I would hate to be subjected to.

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