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Today is brought to you by the letter T.

Turmoil. Turbulence. Tumult.

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You know those days and weeks where you feel like you’re drowning? I feel like that.

There’s a lot of things going on in my life at the moment that I have no control over which is affecting my motivation to do a lot of other stuff. The further behind I fall the less I feel like I can dig myself out of this hole.

Instead of spending last night at home starting on my report that’s due this Sunday I was on a bus to visit my sister, mother & sick niece. I love spending time with my favourite women, I really do. But it also meant that in my wayward trial to get home I missed the last bus out of the eastern beaches. Who knew the last bus left before granny’s went to bed?

This meant that by the time I got home it was 9.30pm – too late to start studying let alone doing anything apart from falling on my bed and hunting down my pain meds to try to get some semblance of sleep. I can’t wait till I see my physio tomorrow afternoon after work. I’m counting down the hours.

And somehow my weekend of studying has been taken up by other things. I totally forgot that Hitching Bitches was on Sunday and now my partner in crime isn’t going to be in Sydney so I have to be there to run it this weekend instead of being at home working.

Saturday is a total write off as I volunteer at the Cat Protection Society so will be doing that in the morning and have a Star Wars marathon at the movies.

Which leaves me 3 nights to get this done. 3 nights. It’s causing me anxiety.

And I miss my man. Distance is not such a nice thing when all I want is a hug.

I shall be fine. That’s my new mantra.

Restarting yoga again next week for realignment. Which basically means I’ll cry like a bitch after each session until I’m centred again.

The toy I got my friends cats, here’s half of them playing with it. White: Gรถreme – Black: Satan – Grey: Major Minke

Here’s some kitties for happy…


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