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10 days = 10 questions – Day 3

Day Three: 8 ways to win your heart

Awwwwwww man. I don’t honestly know. This one is a hard one.

Ugh, well we gotta start somewhere… Let’s start with:

1. Humour

I think humour. Their sense of humour needs to match mine. I know my humour is pretty outlandish. They have to make me laugh. Like hysterically. And be able to laugh stupidly with me. If you find animal video’s as funny as me we’re winning already…

2. Be adventurous

When I suggest something stupidly insane like snow hiking do it with me. When I want to spend an afternoon jumping on trampolines, come bounce with me. When I want to spend a day hiking so that I can find somewhere awesome to self suspend myself, offer to come with me and take pictures, make sure I don’t kill myself and talk me into doing naughty things in nature.

I often have the urge to drive nowhere. Offer to take me for a drive, destination not specified. Zen driving. And don’t be shy about opening the windows and doing car karaoke with me. Badly. Objective to make other people’s ears bleed. Or moo out the window at cows, or take a picture ofΒ me moo’ing at them instead.

3. Surprise me

I know this is probably insane, but surprise me. With a bunch of flowers you picked on the way home that make me sneeze because I have allergies. Surprise me with a bath, my book and then coming in to wash my hair. Cook me a nice dinner. Buy my favourite tea. Make me something. Or just give me a foot rub.

4. Be affectionate

Errrrrr enough said.

5. Cook

I love cooking, I love feeding people I love. I think it’s the European in me. We express our love through food. I will overfeed you.

And I think it’s not only a man’s heart that you can win through his stomach. Experiment in the kitchen with me. I love making weird and new dishes.

Cook with heart because you want to make me something nice that’s going to make me moan audibly when I take a mouthful!

6. Geeky behaviours

Well, you know… I’m a bit of a geek. Nerd. Gamer. Whatever.

It would be lovely if you complimented that with your own geek-dom.

7. Read

And not just the paper….

I read. A lot. I express what I read through a lot of conversation, usually through Facebook… but sometimes other mediums too. And here. Engage with me.

Introduce me to new authors and concepts. Or argue with me on mine. Stimulate my brain.

8. You

Be yourself. There’s nothing I will fall for quicker if you’re true to yourself and those around you.





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