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10 days = 10 questions – Day 6

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no particular order)

Mother: Because she’s my mum. She’s crazy. She’s senile. She’s an aging hippy that says what she means no punches pulled. She birthed me and she cried with me telling me things she’s had to do to make sure we were ok. She’s mum.

Sister: She’s like my best friend. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s crazy… I think crazy is a prerequisite to be in our family. She was sick and I spent all my time with her in the hospital when she was a teenager. I smuggled our dog in so she could have time with him. I also snuggled in Lock, Stock & 2 smoking barrels. The nurses didn’t like all the swearing since it was an MA film and she was 14. I snuck her out of the hospital to go watch Matchbox 20 live and snuck her back in again. She’s like my lil one.

Loki:Β I talk to him a lot. On the phone. I think he’s the only person who’s talked to me for hours and hours at a time. We fight, we make up, we frustrate each other and we make each other giggle. I don’t do well if I go a day without talking to him. He’s the first voice I hear in the morning and the last voice I hear before going to bed. What would make it even better was if I could climb into bed with him instead of my pillows.

J:Β She’s been a rock for me when I’ve been cast out to sea. A friend with history, a friend that I love and admire and a friend that I don’t see being not-friends with anytime soon. I think we all grew and yet we’re still good friends.

K: We’ve been through a lot and yet we’re still together. I think that says more about our friendship than anything else. She’s like my adopted sister.



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