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10 days = 10 questions – Day 9

Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.

Because I have days where life gets a wee bit hard and there’s so much I need to do and so much I need to spread my time out amongst that I find that I procrastinate because it’s easier than dealing with everything else. So every so often I need to remind myself to stop being a whiney bitch and just suck that shit up and deal with it. One little thing at a time. And you know, it’s the full moon, which means I’m bleeding and every little thing is making me into godzilla with an attitude. Just ask Loki, he thinks I’m evil incarnate.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean my room.

This is me at work. When my boss flaps at my desk. He goes on and on and on and it doesn’t matter if I have my headphones in and I’m listening to music, he keeps talking until I take my earphones out and ask him to repeat himself because he doesn’t get the hint and leave me alone. And most of the people I have to deal with every other day. I get that look on my face. Totally enthralled. Please, do go on and waste some more of my time. Usually I can withstand the drone by playing on my phone and nodding intermittently.

Unless it’s not work people, in which case I don’t play on my phone and just have that look on my face while I look at the people talking and wonder what their hair would look like if I zapped them with electricity. Or how I could paint their face to resemble a sloth. One of my other favourite animals, you know, apart from the stench.

But honestly, most times I hide my “fuck I’m so bored” face relatively well. Ok. I lie. Apparently my face sucks at hiding what I’m thinking.

I try at least, if people were less boring we’d be fine!


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