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    Who Is Freshly Pissed?

    Look it!! I got freshly pissed! Horray. There will be a spanky new pic along the side of my blog linking back to Phil’s page of awesome blogs that haven’t get freshly pressed so he’s given us our own recognition…

  • Personal,  Relationships

    LDR: Dirty talking assistance. Part 1.

    Forgive me WP gods, it’s been 9 days since my last confession. There’s a reason for this, I’ve been a bit hormonal introspective in regards to relationships, our efforts and where you draw the line in regards to giving. In…

  • GLBTQI,  Memories

    The Shame Files: Bathroom Mortification

    You know those stories, the ones that you only tell if you’re really really really shit faced drunk? And even then you slur and murmur it to the best of your ability so that no one else can decipher what…

  • Relationships,  Sexuality

    How to eat pussy 101

    I found this to be useful, funny and a nice way to learn how the vagina works. Plus, all the tools here I use and they work 😉 The whole thing and more can be found here.