From there to here, some questions…

Maurna tagged me on some questions she received today from another fellow blogger so I am going to take a moment to address these.

What am I working on at the moment?

Working on? Uh. Well. At the moment I have about a million and one things going at the same time. I’ve restarted studying full time and I’m working full time – so between having my head in a text book, going out on restaurant reviews with my urban family, cycling across a few suburbs to invade the Dojo which houses my rope family to make impromptu moosh to feed peoples and trying to get over a recent break up… well. Oh shit, and my blog. Because I have all these posts that have been plaguing my dreams like a tsunami of words.

Oh oh and I’m going to start a new craft project. A tonberry. As Christmas presents for my Final Fantasy geeks.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

Well, when I write I don’t hold much back. You get the raw, the ugly, the “did she just say that? I can’t believe she said that” moments… Just check out my guide on How to eat pussy 101 – it’s gone a bit viral on tumblr. YAY! Edumacating the masses on the delicate yet awesomely fun cunnilingus!

I also happily answer questions through people sending me emails about certain kinky things that they want help with, which I think is sweet. Thank you for engaging!

Why do I write what I do?

Because after the horrible episode of those stupid books – I think kink needs to be spread to the world in a more realistic way. Yeah, I’ve been kinky for a hell of a long time, it’s just who I am and it’s what I do. It doesn’t mean that I don’t function like everyone else. Just slightly more off kilter.

And that’s not a bad thing.

How does my writing process work?

I don’t have a process. I know, shocking.

I have idea bubbles that pop up every so often that I try to stick on my notes on my phone to remind me to write about later. And then promptly forget about them. Most times though I usually need to vent and I’ll hop on the blog at work during lunch time and have a wee rant about various issues, from feminism to racism to gender politics. Or gaming. Or sex. Mainly sex. Sometimes travelling. But usually sex.

Sex is important.


 Now for some other’s that I think need a quick mention. They are entertaining, sweet, intriguing and some interact on a variety of subjects sometimes.

Whether they answer the questions or not is irrelevant – I’d still drink all their tequila. You should check them out and share the lovin’


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  • maurnas

    Yay! Participation! Have you read Guide to Getting It On? I know it is a bit vanilla, but they try. And the illustrations are adorable. Unlike my Joy of Sex where the couples look kind of unwashed. But I still secretly love that book. I learned so much about sex from it.

    • Sharn

      No I haven’t read it! I have picked up the karma sutra on occasion however and had to adapt some stuff to include rope 😉

      I also have a huge book at home that I’m going to make a post on soon.

      I received it after I did a talk for 19-28 year old queer gals at ACON here in Sydney about kinky stuff. It’s a book of sex toys. It’s fabulush!

  • Julie Butler Chanteuse

    This was great… As usual. But I’m sorry to hear about you and Loki. Relationships can be so trying to get through. I thank God for masturbation!

    Sounds like you’re keeping busy. That’s good, although it sounds exhausting.

    Thanks for plugging my blog!! I really appreciate it.

    Hope things settle down a bit. Nice to see you back on here though. 🙂

    • Sharn

      Thank you Julie 🙂

      Relationships can be very very trying. I need to invest in a new hitachi since I broke my old one but I’ve been dragging my heels.

      It is exhausting but in a good way. Sometimes I think keeping busy is a good thing, other times I wish I didn’t have a life.

      You are very welcome 🙂

      • Julie Butler Chanteuse

        You are far too clever, intelligent, charming, funny and kinky to not have a life!!! Just take some to stop and breathe occasionally. (Sometimes when I get caught up in a whirlwind of crap and find it hard to be grateful, I think of people who live in Gary, Indiana. (Where Michael Jackson is from.) It’s, a factory town and I think there are steel Mills as well. All I know is, it STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! I think that could make me go postal! Point being, I will take a breath and be grateful the air I breathe doesn’t Stink!!! Night sunshine!

  • AllergicToNormal

    I wasn’t even finished reading this and I thought, “Self, we are kindred spirits.” Then I finished and realized it was true! Thanks for the mention! Your writing is amazing.

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