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Road Tripping: Sobering up in Vegas with Scotty

You know, I’ve had a pretty shitty week so I thought what better way to end it than to start to wrap up my very first State-side road trip.

So I believe we left off where I woke up with the random Santa in my bed and drunk amnesia, no?

2 days of alcohol poisoning had left me feeling a bit weak and useless. My luggage had finally turned up so I walked down to the Greyhound station to pick up my pretty pink wheelie and take it back to my room and finally get into some clean clothes.

Scotty had been in contact again, requesting my presence. I begged off saying I wasn’t human and he told me I didn’t have a say because he couldn’t take care of me unless we were together. So he asked where I was staying, what room I was in and turned up no more than 30 minutes later. Settled into the sofa in my room and just looked hot and smouldering staring at me while I tried to unpack my clothes as I got more and more flustered at his staring and his caresses as I passed by. Ok, so maybe I stopped to throw myself into his lap on occasion to make out and hump his leg. I am not above my hormones, oh no.

I gave up trying to unpack my wayward luggage and sat on the edge of the bed feeling about as useful as tits on a bull when Scotty pipes up that I should just pack up my luggage and go stay with him.

You could hear the crickets chirping as I considered this.

I sat there and stared at him, for a good 5 minutes as I went over the pros and cons in my head of doing it and it went something like this:

Voice 1: Well there’s an offer you can’t say no to!
Voice 2: What do you mean you can’t say no to? What if he’s some closet serial killer?
Voice 1: Are you insane woman? Do you not remember the mind-blowing fucking you both did for a solid 12 hours? Maybe you shouldn’t drink till amnesia hits again, you’ve obviously damaged something
Voice 2: Look you smart ass bitch, I’m just saying that we’ve booked this hotel for 2 weeks. That’s 2 weeks worth of independence you’re looking at giving up. What if it gets awkward? What if he decides you are too weird? Then we’re going to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere Vegas with cab drivers that don’t understand a word you’re saying and no way of getting back to your hotel that we booked for 2 weeks!
Voice 1: He has a great cock
Voice 2: … That’s beside the point…
Voice 1: He knows how to use his tongue
Voice 2: … Yes. Yes he does.
Voice 1: He made you cry the by the 10th orgasm
Voice 2: I hate you right now
Voice 1: He’s sweet and look how cute he’s looking at you waiting for you to say yes, say yes.
Voice 2: but but but but… I barely know him!!
Voice 1: Take a chance. If all else fails you’ll have mind-blowing sex for 2 weeks.
Voice 2: *sighs* Gods fucking damnit.

So I say OK – his face lights up and somehow I feel like I made the right call. I throw things back into my luggage, grab bits and pieces from my hotel room that I’m going to need at his place – double-check with him that me crashing at his place isn’t going to be an inconvenience and that I’m happy to give him some money or whatever to pay my way. I think I might have offended him with that last comment as he waves away my offers to make sure I’m not taking advantage of him in any way.

I mentioned at any point if he got bored with me to feel free to bring me back to my hotel room and I won’t be upset.

He might have laughed at me. But I always think of people getting sick of me and getting tired of having me around. Daddy issues. Thanks father for those abandonment issues I have!

I take one last look around the room before I pull the door shut and tell Scotty to lead the way. And as I watch his cute ass wiggle in front of me to the lifts I can’t help but grope it.

So the days pass, slowly, we run errands, we sit around on his couch and watch movies while I play with his hair and I giggle at him dog sitting when the dogs aren’t behaving, you can tell a lot by the way a man treats his animals… and we shag like 2 people possessed. There was so much shagging it was fabulous. I ask often if I should be quieter for his roommate. He tells me I better not or he’ll hurt me more. I’m torn between being quieter just so he hurts me and forgetting that I’m meant to be quiet because of the things being done.

We barely left the house, except to get necessities or to go out for dinner. We were joined at the hip for nearly an entire week and I found I didn’t mind it at all. He was easy to be with. The sex was out of this world and he was constantly as horny as I was. We were both into SciFi and he had a life-sized R2D2. This was a big thing in my books. He often said that he didn’t want me to go, but for some reason I couldn’t believe his words. Can someone fall that hard and fast? I could have easily have gone there with him, had I had more time… How does one fall in love so quickly and certainly? Am I the only one that finds the thought of loving so hard and fast fear inducing? Am I so measured because of my abandonment issues?

This was a different view of Vegas that I was getting. The real Vegas, where people lived, ran through Starbucks for coffee hits and discussed the probably of the mechanics in the car which might fall out at any given moment due to the laws of physics being all-encompassing. He thought it would be fine. The man is good with his hands, in many ways obviously.

During the second week before I leave the states, I get a text from a guy I dated briefly in Austin. He was a true southern gentleman and we went out for Mexican one night when I was there. We got along pretty well and he was a kinky one so we never had anything we couldn’t talk about and he didn’t try to baptise me with his spit. He asked me if I’d be willing to go back for a few days to spend with him before I flew home.

I look over at Scotty and ask him if he’d mind if I went on a small hiatus to Texas to revisit with someone, he says he doesn’t mind sharing me and offers to drive me to the airport and reminds me to tell him when he’s back so that I can spend more time with him before I go. I tell the Texan Daddy that we’re set, I’ll fly in for 2 days and fly back. He says he is paying for the hotel room. I say OK but I will pay for my own flights, he says if it will make me happy that I can do that.

So I do. I might have asked him to make sure he brings the toy box while I’m there because I was itching for some play time with leather.

And with the next installment you’ll get the story of how I took 10 years off his life and ended up coming home covered in the most spectacular bruising – even the customs officials stopped me on my way out of the country to check if some man hadn’t beaten me up.


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