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Road Tripping: Texas take 2

I know y’all been hanging out for this and so here we go. It’s a follow on from here for those not up to date.

I got driven to the airport by Scotty and with a cuddle, kiss and grope and some words telling me to look after myself and get back to him in one piece I was on a plane bound for San Antonio again.

When I landed in San Antonio I was picked up at the airport by Daddy. Who drove wrapped me up in a great big hug and deposited me in this car as we drove off. We went for a brief drive where he showed me his place that he shared with his brother. I met the cat and I got to be a sticky beak at check out the books. There were books everywhere and books tell you a lot about a person.

We didn’t stay long before he drove me off to the hotel that he had booked for me to stay in. The Emily Morgan is really a very pretty hotel and I loved it. It had gargoyles on the outside, instant love for me. Gargoyles on anything. Love! It dates back to the 1920’s and the rooms were just quaint and darling. Definitely somewhere to go stay at again if I’m in town. It’s a few minutes walk to the River Walk and shops. And the Alamo.

I had 3 nights there, we spent 2 of those together, I had a night off in between to catch up with someone I went on a date with last time I was on town but it never turned into anything but friendship. He’s a lovely guy and we talk each other’s ears off.

But the first night was great, Daddy decided that we were going to have dinner close by so we went off to dinner by the river and I ate some gumbo because I was having withdrawals from New Orleans. We chatted about everything, lots of things, music, books, our disbelief in the religious icons that litter our world with such hatred and discord. The gumbo was perfect, the twinkly lights along the river were just wonderful – as was the company.

We headed back to the room after a brief walk around after dinner and sat and talked a bit, he opened the toy bag he brought along and there were all kinds of fun leather things in there – however being that I was taught to not play with other people’s toys I sat and stared at it longingly.

Which I then promptly forgot because things started to get hot and heavy. His grin widened as I undressed slowly for him with some shimmy’s. His eyes might have rolled back in his head as I started to devour him slowly. Suffice to say, we didn’t leave the room for the rest of the night and there was a lot of fun had.

The next day he offered to take me out to his quad biking ranch. His brother and he were starting a new business you see, quad biking. I was overjoyed. I might have squealed. A wee bit.

So off we raced. He showed me how to work a quad bike since I’d never rode one before. We were the only ones there, so we offloaded some quads from their storage bins and threw on some helmets and off we went. He advised me that if at any point I start to go down a hill and I lose control not to hit the brakes as it could end badly, but instead ride it. Cool, I thought, what could go wrong?

We started off on some easy slopes and rolling hills. I squee’d and giggled and sped around like a maniac. He led me up a pretty big hill and we stopped at the top and he went over the safety stuff again if I happened to lose it. I nodded at him and off he went over the lip of the mini-mountain. He got to the bottom and called out for me to go.

I revved and started to pick up speed. It was only as my quad flew over the lip and I became airborne that I thought maybe I’d given it a wee bit too much gas. So when I landed and started to slide at a 45 degree angle to the tread marks in the dirt did I start wondering if I should have done that slower. But being that he told me not to use the brakes I laid off them and held on.

It was fantastic, I’d never gone to the left down a mountain on a quad before. I may have squealed my excitement. And then when I finally got to the bottom of the mini-mountain there was a tree. And me and my quad ended up somehow splitting it in half as my quad ended up up the tree. Did it bounce at the bottom? I have no idea. One minute I was rushing down this mountain squealing like a banshee and the next I was in a tree.

My arm was bleeding in several spots. My face felt a bit raw and after doing a brief check on if I had branches sticking out of any limbs (there weren’t) I looked up as he rushed over to me, white as a ghost asking me if I was ok.

I giggled at him and said yes. He helped me out of the quad and then lifted me out of the tree and into his arms for a hug all the while telling him that I’d taken 10 years off his life that he didn’t have to spare and to please not scare him like that ever again.

I mentioned that I wasn’t aiming for the tree and it sorta just appeared there and I have no idea how I ended up splitting the trunk with the quad. And how sorry I was and that I really hoped I hadn’t broken his thousands of dollars worth of machinery.

With that he tried to get the damn thing out of the tree. Of course it didn’t budge. So I helped since I was still hopped up on adrenalin. Between us we managed to get it out of the tree but we couldn’t get it to work. My stomach sank and I felt really horrible. After about 15 minutes we figured out the tree and switched off the kill switch and we were up and running again.

I asked him if I could try the mountain again. He said no. I might have pouted, he did point out that my adventures meant that the stupidly placed tree now wouldn’t be a problem for anyone else coming down the mountain uncontrollably. I said he was welcome and I was happy to de-forest his business for him anytime.

By the time we got back to his car, put the quads away and got comfy inside the car, my adrenaline had worn off and my arm was really starting to hurt. I apologised about possibly getting blood in his car. He told me to shut up and that he would rather I bleed all over his car than be hurt. And as we drove back to he did something and the next thing I knew my ass was frozen. I wiggled this way and wiggled a bit that way. Nope, ass still cold to the point of being uncomfortable. I huffed and then asked him why my ass was so cold and if he’d hidden a block of ice under my seat.

He laughed at me and said no, he thought that after the fright and considering it was a hot Texas summers day I needed some cooling off. I laughed and asked him to please turn it off for my ass is going to be blue by the time we get back to San Antonio.

We got back to the hotel and he hosed me off and put alcohol wipes all over my cuts and gave me pain killers for later and the excused himself because he had work stuff he needed to take care of that night. Being that I was half dying anyway I said sure not a problem. It was nice to have a night alone with my wounds to sleep. Plus, I met up for a quick coffee with Ben* (mentioned earlier in this post) that I met last time I was in town.

The following evening he took me out to a movie. It was an arts film. It was weird. Trippy and contemplative. Called The Tree of Life.

After that we went to dinner with some of his friends that were at the movie with us and had a lovely night, got back to the hotel rather late, shagged until the wee hours of the morning and then we checked out late as he drove me to the airport and said that he wants to hear from me still and that he had a wonderful few days with me so thanks for accepting his invite.

I threw myself at him and gave him a huge hug, because I love my hugs and thanked him for the fun times, the nearly killing myself and the interesting bruises that were appearing all over my body, especially my arms.

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We still keep in contact and had a great talk the other night on facebook about his near travels. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him again soon.



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