You’re looking for what?!

You know the entertainment that is search terms for people that found your blog?

Well instead of writing my chemistry report I’m going to go through mine because it’s rather giggle worthy.

The top search terms are variations of how to eat pussy – and it’s all attributed to my beautiful find of the blog for how to give cunnilingus successfully, cartoon included here.

Second term seems to be australian porn actresses : awe sweet thangs, I’m no porn actress, although I did have a friend who went to San Fran & Canadia on occasion to make porn because Australia and porn laws are Victorian. Which is surprising given that prostitution is legal here as is abortions. Although that last bit our draconian government led by men keep trying to change with sly laws which they think we don’t notice and then they wonder when we fight back why we won’t be good women and let them control our bodies. Ops, this was meant to be about search terms, not a rant about the government trying to have ownership over my reproduction…

So thirdly? pubic hair before spanking – uh, your guess is as good as mine. From personal experience, hair doesn’t cause anything during a spanking. It will still hurt. Hair or not. Especially if the person spanking you switches to leather gloves to save their palms. Oh, the smarting. Yum.

Followed closely by… spank my wife so i can taste it … you want to do what man? The only spanking you’ll taste are the sweet sweet tears dripping off her cheeks. And not the cheeks on her ass. Well, actually if she’s anything like me she’ll possibly come from a good spanking session so who knows, maybe you may just taste it… You’ll definitely taste the stinging flesh though. There’s something to be said about red burning butt cheeks.

Oh and this pearler… quadbiking in comparison to masturbation? I can only assume they got referred to my post where I nearly  killed myself on a quad bike and gave Daddy a heart attack. There was no masturbation on said quad bike. I was too busy screaming, giggling, squee’ing or wondering if I was going to die. When do people find time to masturbate while zooming around like that? I don’t get it.

And that’s just a few from the top, if you have any information that might clarify my confusion on any of the above, feel free to edumacate me!


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