Welcome to Australia, you don’t need that brain do you? Love, your local Magpie.

Ok for you lot out there that haven’t been to Australia before, we have these wonderful birds called magpies.

Suffice to say, these birds are lovely and can get quite big. When I say lovely, they are lovely for most of the year, except spring. When they nest and have babies.The female often goes off in search of food and the father will guard the wee babies. And heaven help you if you walk past or in the general area of a magpie’s nest.

They swoop, dive, peck the back of your head repeatedly until you feel like your brain is falling out. It’s a time-honoured Australian tradition.

Until you’ve been swooped by a maggie, you haven’t tasted Australia.

And then when I was on Facebook today I came across this. This is the epitome of what being an Australian is.

I died from laughing because we’ve all been there. I remember running home from school most spring afternoons crying my eyeballs out with 3 magpies chasing me down the street while I yelled for mum to save me.

So I thought I’d share the joy that is magpies with you all.


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