Sydney, it’s so beautiful!

I went riding all weekend. I got to see bits of Sydney that I never had from the top of a bike.

Granted my arse feels like I have broken the bones, but that’s beside the point!

Side note, why don’t they ever make comfortable seats for bikes?

So Saturday I hoped on my pushie and peddled all the way to the eastern beaches to visit my sister. We had a lovely time catching up and then I peddled all the way home. What I didn’t realise is how mountainous Coogee is. Those hills!! In my defence, I only got off once and pushed the bike up the hill and that’s only because the bloody hill was at a 45 degree slant. I could have peddled forever and still ended up going backwards up that thing!

Saturday night I thought I was dying and couldn’t really move off the couch for anything at this point.

So being that I had totally killed myself the day before on a 22km ride, I thought an extra 30km would be wonderful and got up at 6am to get to North Sydney to do the Spring Cycle across the harbour bridge, through the city and end in Pirrama Park at Pyrmont.

My arse screamed at me all the way on my ride to the train station where I was meeting my Wifey and a friend. I’ve never seen so many bikes in one spot. I kid you not, it was like a bike pile up. There was no room on the trains because .. well bikes!

North Sydney Train Station. Bike pile up.
North Sydney Train Station. Bike pile up.

I finally got my heavy little elephant up the stairs, being that I ride a vintage 6 speed steel frame, means that the little bitch is really rather heavy to carry around. However I lugged it up both flights of stairs and breathed a sigh of relief at the top.

First point of call was to find coffee. I needed coffee. It was 7.30am on a Sunday morning. Usually this is the time I’m getting home, not going on a bloody bike ride!!

I spotted a convenience store so I could buy some water from and voila, right next door was a cafe. With a man sitting in the window drinking his coffee and reading the paper. He really looked like he was enjoying that coffee and I wanted to stab him. So instead of me doing anything too rash we left the bikes outside and dashed in to order up. Only they took cash, no cards. Which put a dampener on my coffee experience since I only had card and no cash, but never fear, my Wifey came to the rescue. I had my cup of coffee as we watched thousands and thousands of people ride past us. I believe the numbers went up to the 16,000’s on the front of bikes, so believe me when I say there were a lot of people!

We made it up a few hills to get to the start line. I was nearly in tears from the pain of my butt at this point however I kept it all in and peddled like a mad thing. My right knee wasn’t agreeing with me, but I told it to shut the fuck up and keep working. It obliged. I was grateful.

There were a lot of little people on bikes, there were tandem bikes with kids attached to the back peddling with dad on the front. There were little kids on their own bikes going all over the place. There were young people, old people, sports bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, pink bikes … OH OH OH!! And this adorable child with a unicorn helmet that had a mohawk!! I peddled next to it for a bit and explained that I obviously went wrong with my purchase as I got a red bike so that it would go faster but I should have gotten a unicorn helmet like theirs as it was totally magical!

We speed off from the start gates as we waved and laughed our way through the crowds. There was a lot of breaking, dodging and squealing involved in getting past children that were riding all wobbly. But we made it. We banked the first corner and as we waved and thanked all the volunteers standing along the sides of the roads and perved on the police people while Wifey called out a hullo as we rode past and waved at them. Before long we were zooming down the ramp towards the Harbour Bridge. The excitement was looming! I’d never rode a bike across the bridge before, let alone having a whole lane dedicated to bikes!

Riding the bridge

So as we rode under the bridge in awe, we marvelled at how nice it was having our own lane and that we’d ride more often if we had this luxury as I’ve nearly been killed by cars so many times already.

My arse at this point had gone numb. It hurt going over the bumps but other than that, it was tingly and thankfully being quiet so I could enjoy the ride. My thighs on the other hand were screaming at me when I was riding up hills. I weeeee’d down hills too. Before you knew it we were riding up to Mrs. Maquarie’s Chair .

The rest of the ride went by like the first half. Wifey did peddle up to me at one point and ask how my arse was doing, so I replied that my hooha was now also numb and that I may have to spend the afternoon and night masturbating to make sure it isn’t broken, she laughed and agreed with me that hers was too and then we giggled at the names we were calling various body parts because there were children around so we had to talk in code. Before we knew it we were riding downhill squealing towards the finish line! 18.95km later we’d done it! We finished the lap. I tried to get off my bike and my arse made me squeal and grasp both butt cheeks as I nearly cried. Why butt why? However it didn’t stop me from waddling over to get my medal.

wpid-fb_img_1413676339391.jpgLook at that shiny!!!!!!

So we stopped for a wee bit to catch up and decide how we were going to get back to our local area to do a Yum Cha breakfast. So we caught the light rail back from Pyrmont, rode all the way to Yum Cha. Proceeded to have a yum cha baby and then rode all the way home at which point I had a hot shower and collapsed on the couch to never move again except to roll down the stairs and into bed.

I will remind myself that riding so far the day before an even bigger ride is possibly not the best idea next year. And getting a lighter bike with a nice couch for a seat!


  • Warm Creme

    Yay, Sharn!!!

    I am an avid cyclist – not the type to meander around casually which makes riding with my wife and the kids considerably difficult. I know only one level of effort – all out! I love distances and cover long stretches in the shortest amount of time possible. One of my favorite rides is a one-day, 330 KM ride from one state to another. My average speed for that ride is 30.6 KmH and I get it done in about 10.5 hours (rest, food and water stops along the way). This is fairly normal for someone who rides 10,800Km/year for the last four years. Can you tell that I love it!

    Glad to see you get out and pedal. The saddle soreness is the result of a few possibilities. The bike fit could be wrong for you. The saddle itself could be wrong for your anatomy. Your sit-bones may not be contacting the saddle properly. It could be that you’re just not used to cycling…YET!

    Keep cycling! Keep riding! I wish I had my bike with me when I visited Perth/Fremantle (twice in the 80s). Instead, I had my surfboard and played in the modest surf.

    Proud of you!!

    • Sharn

      Thank you Mr. C 🙂

      We meandered, I think I might possibly shit myself if I was going that fast on a push bike lol although it could also be something that you get used to!

      Apparently, according to one of my best friends, I have to suck up the butt soreness and eventually it would be right. Or get one of those padded shorts to help. Which I downright refuse. Those things are ugly and I’m a shallow creature at heart.

      It could also have to do with the fact that my bike really isn’t designed to be ridden such long distances I would imagine. Which is why I am contemplating an upgrade.

      Thanks for the encouragement though 🙂

      Awww they barely get any of the good waves on the wrong side of Australia!! I hear it’s all happening on the east coast 😛

      • Warm Creme

        I have to confess that I have multiple bikes for various types of cycling. Distance cycling is better suited with a bike designed for such. However, when I pass the uni-cyclists on the 330Km ride, I tend to lay the applicable cycles-concept aside. 😉

        The ugly shorts are a must for me. I am an ugly sort of man, so I suppose they suit me fine. 😉

  • Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Sounds like such a great adventure. Australia is still on my bucket list of places I want to visit before I get my ticket punched.

      • Just Plain Ol' Vic

        Well, as I live in Florida already – I think I am pretty acclimated to that temperature extreme.

        Now when I visit, I always like to have a local show me the “real” sites and not the touristy areas – can I give you a buzz?!

        • Sharn

          If I’m still here absolutely!!

          Alternatively I may have run away to a colder climate by then lol

          I hate the heat and think I was born in the wrong continent..

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