Bad Girl Blogger Awards – No, it doesn’t vibrate, I checked.


I got nominated for this award twice this week and haven’t had a chance to do anything about it, so thought I would spend the Sunday where there’s a huge heat wave across Sydney that’s melting the roads to update my blog since I can’t be outside. I may as well be inside playing.

So a huge shout out goes to MarianΒ – Over at Creative Noodling. She’s a downright doll and awesome to read her antics. I definitely would love to have a margarita night with that woman. So if you haven’t read her, go do. She’s naughty in all the right ways, promise.

The second nomination came from one of my favourite boobs people, Goaty – she of the wonderful Turning Lamebo’s into Rainbows, or at least one half of it. NU (Nonsense Unicorn) is just as cute, so go check out their blog. Shoo be off with you.

Now since Marian offered me the award first I figured I don’t need to stick to any rules. I think we’ve all worked out that I’m a pro at breaking the rules, especially if it earns me a spanking.

But in light of the award I thought I would offer it up to a few other bloggers that I think deserve it:

Sex and the City of Light – Roxy is a world traveller who details all her dating ups and downs as she traverses through Paris was her last stop, she’s now in my hometown of Sydney and causing riot. Go read her.

Becoming HIS – this is the blog of a fellow kinky blogger who is just a sweetheart to read. She writes erotica (which is totally hot!) and blogs all things kinky, sexy and meow.

Sex Blog (of sorts) – is written by Charlie who writes things that make me sit up and take notice, not to mention her sinful Sunday posts? PHWOAR! Go read her sometime.

And finally and not least of all: Seattle Poly Chick – I can’t remember how I found her blog, but gosh golly am I bloody glad I did. For someone like me who has dabbled in poly and gone from open to closed to I don’t know what we’re doing – her blog is a refreshingly honest account of her journey. She’s reminds me that poly isn’t meant to be easy, we all have our demons and loving isn’t and shouldn’t be something I should be afraid of.

And I’m going to take a slice from the Marian pie and say congratulations ladies!! You don’t have to do anything with this award but wear it proudly. If you want to forward it on, do, if you don’t, let it sit on your shelf like I am letting mine do and lament that one day maybe we’ll finally get a vibrating one.


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