First World Problem Alert: Balls. Big blue ones.

I don’t blame you for thinking that title is something kinky about making a man get blue balls.

But it’s not.

This week in all things work related, a workmate and I acquired some blue exercise balls. That you pump up to sit on instead of normal chairs. Because we thought it would be a good way to strengthen our core muscles while having better posture.

Yes I know, let that sentence sink in a bit more.

Well. Let’s just say that the week has been rather eventful so far and I’m only on day 2 of it.

The first day after I made all the boys at work pump the damn thing up with the foot pump I sat on it and bounced. I pretended to work, but what I was in fact doing was bouncing. A lot.

They have nicknamed our cubicle the ball centre. Yes I know. Full of blue balls. This caused much giggling on my part because my head being constantly in the gutter meant that my mind went to all kinds of weird and wonderful things you can do to balls to make them turn that pretty shade of purple/blue.

So I have a dilemma.

You see. When I sit on said ball, I can either sit so that my feet are flat on the floor and my but is at about a 80 degree angle. Which means that my feet and thighs are working overtime to keep my arse on the ball. Or I can sit back and in the middle of the ball. Which means that my feeties are off the floor and kicking around in the air. Which means that I’m practically practising for the circus ball balancing act. It’s not elegant and I squeal a lot. Much to the amusement of everyone around me.

So the question becomes, dear people, how the fuck do you sit on this thing?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m well versed in how to do sit ups with them and lunges and all manner or exercises that hurt your lower body. But sitting? Who thought it would be so hard…

Is there a relevant youtube video I can watch to sit on said ball? Does anyone have any tips? How do I stop myself from sliding off it like a squidgie and splatter on the floor?


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