• Sexuality

    Sex Toys: Bad Dragon

    Cern, bless his cotton socks, has introduced me to things that I had no idea existed. I know I know, shocking right?! Now for those of you like me who had no idea what Bad Dragon was until it was…

  • Rant,  Sexuality

    Whore-phobia – Waving the red flag.

    I’ve been through a really emotionally draining yet uplifting weekend. However something I came across through my travels that made me sit up and get a bit cranky was this belief that sex workers, hookers, whores… they are somehow less…

  • Dating,  Personal,  Sexuality

    Sex Accidents: I hurt what?! !!!!

    You know those times you are busy fucking so hard, so fast and so often that you feel that your gentials are constantly entangled and may not survive being separated for long periods of time? I’m pretty sure that’s where…

  • Relationships,  Sexuality

    How to eat pussy 101

    I found this to be useful, funny and a nice way to learn how the vagina works. Plus, all the tools here I use and they work 😉 The whole thing and more can be found here.

  • GLBTQI,  Sexuality

    Morning tears for humanity

    Yesterday I started the day by crying, in bed whilst scrolling through Facebook. My cat thought I was a wee bit insane but snuggled up to my mopey self anyway. It was this video that had me crying. I was…

  • BDSM,  Sexuality

    Consensual non-consent & rape.

    **Trigger warning: Sexual assault & rape discussion below** During my time on FetLife I’ve come across so many many women referring to some of their fantasies as rape fantasy instead of consensual non-consent. It’s not the same thing. It’s a pet peeve of…

  • BDSM,  Sexuality

    Para-noir – I fuck you because I loved you

    “para-noir,” which was meant to represent excessive darkness and the paranoia of trust – Marilyn Manson I was listening to this song while working and the meaning of the song, why it was written and the responses made me think about…