My Travel Stories

America, my virgin visit – 2011:

The Landing – Making my way from LAX to Vegas.

Las Vegas – Day 1 – Jet lag, the inability to operate a shower.

Sin City – Day 2 – I walk to the strip and get street harassed and traumatised by clowns.

What happens in Vegas ends up on my blog – My first sexual encounter at Vegas

Quarter Mile High Club – the lonely travel into Texas – My shenanigans continue on my way down south

My other love – Texas – I traverse through Texas

My new found love of squirrels in Austin – AUSTTTTTTTTTTTIN – I heart you, marry me!

My other love – I got new ink while in Austin – Tattoo’s and things…

My first time around in New Orleans – NOLA – I fell in love with you slowly

Dancing along the Mississippi – The 4th of July in NOLA

On the road back to Vegas – The horrid trip back to Vegas – 2 days on a bus.

Sobering up with one of my favourite people – Scotty – I touch base with Scotty.

Texas take 2 – Texan Daddy requests my presence for a follow up – and how I nearly killed myself quad biking

America, I did you… Oh how I did you – travel wrap up

America, the second time around: 2014

Family in Pittsburgh

My ugg boot dilemma in West Virginia

Au revoir la Nouvelle-Orléans, jusqu’à la prochaine fois

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